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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Revisiting the Knight of Cups

Here's someone I don't see everyday! The Knight of Cups. Oh, I've talked about him now and then. I think I'll take a look at past impressions of Mr Moonbeams:

Those Cups. They're just so deep: Cosmic Tarot.

Grail Shrimp: Deviant Moon Knight of Cups. 

You have chosen wisely: Haindl Prince of Cups.

Crashing to the shore: Prince of Cups Thoth. 

I remember you: Knight of Cups Greenwood Tarot.

Splash a little holy water on your jaded soul: Knight of Cups Vampire Tarot

Androgynous much? Wheel of the Year Tarot.

Unabashedly odd and loving it: Chrysalis Knight of Mirrors.

Don't feed the plant! Crystal Tarot.

What do you think of the Knight of Cups? Is he a hopeless romantic? I've OFTEN compared him to that kid who films the carrier bag in American Beauty. Here he is:

Oh no! Romeo!

Ricky in American Beauty: 'Sometimes there's so much...beauty...in the world...I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.' -- Perfect Knight of Cups sentiment.

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  1. For me, he's also my first real boyfriend: in love with love. Romantic but sappy, and ultimately emotionally immature and hurtful. Hmm, maybe I need to let that go, already, it's been nearly thirty years! :o