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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Stalked by the Emperor

I've drawn the Emperor again today, so it looks like a good time to try a 'stalker card' spread. I've used Angelorum's before, so I've chosen the one at Over the Moon Oracle Cards.

To get the six cards for this reading, I decided to shuffle the Emperor back into the deck, then find him again and use the six following cards to fill in the blanks (another recent stalker, Temperance, turns up in a key position, and 9 of Pentacles make a comeback as well!):

Dear Carla, 
When I show up in your daily draw, I'm giving you a message about the way you see the world, the way you are searching for 'completion'. You've got your face turned away from the real story. You're using me to try to create the world you think you want. 
I'm here to show you what's happening. You are seeking a 'happily ever after' outcome, searching for whatever it is 'other' people have that makes them appear contented. I want you to find your own balance in this life. I want you to take the good with the bad, because no amount of preparation is going to keep the bad from happening. But you can cope. Life is a mix of both, that's the formula, that's how it is meant to be. It doesn't work otherwise. Keep letting them mix together, shake them up good, that's how to find what you seek. 
When I appear, I am asking you to release your desire to feel competent and secure all the time. You have been using some of my qualities to get those feelings, but you have lost the balance. There is more to me than power to control. 
I want you to acknowledge all that you have accomplished in your life, and to revel in what you have now. I want you to be content in this present moment. I want you to realise that you already have as much security as you will ever have, and it is enough. It is no less than anyone else has in this life. 
When you see me, it's time to practice unconditional acceptance of everything. Find your connection to this life, and to other people! Be guided by your heart, trust your inner sense of what is true, not your fears of what might be unless you make lots of rules. When you see me, it is time to practice the opposite of the me you think you know. It is time to release, and to connect. 
The Emperor  
Hey ho, he's telling me the same thing he told me yesterday. Tarot is so patient that way. It just keeps pointing you in the direction you need to be looking.

Today I can let go of trying to control the outcome of a certain thing by staying off certain websites and not dwelling on a certain event that happening next week. Instead, I can focus on enjoying my current situation, the freedom of the day, the luxury of a Sunday, and I can phone my mother (I just remembered it's mother's day in the US.)

Do you have a stalker card? What do you think it's trying to tell you? It will send you a letter of explanation if you ask!


  1. What a great way to get the message across from your stalker card. These days I don't have one but it used to be the Eight of Swords. Maybe I learned its lesson or it just has given gave up on me. :)

  2. Love the letter format :) <3 Acknowledging all you've achieved, and letting go of needing to control everything - wise words for more than just yourself ;)

    1. Yes, the letter format works well. That was a good idea by Over the Moon Oracle Cards.

  3. I'm going to try this layout/question tonight.

    I seem to get the Wheel of Fortune a lot in my readings lately. I can never tell if that means there's a distinct destiny that's upon me that's outside my control; or if every miniscule thing I do is winding down to some undetermined outcome that's impossible to predict. Both? And how is that helpful? Just, like... let go, stop trying to control? Cause it doesn't matter if you do or don't, cause shit happens?
    Anyway, just wanted to say I'm loving your blog. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, I hope you link to it so we can read it!! :)

    2. Heh, I honestly don't have the technological capacity to post a photo anywhere online. But the cards are:
      (The World flipped out upwards while shuffling)

      6 of Wands, Star, King of Wands
      5 of Wands, 6 of Swords
      King of Cups

      I have things to say, but sort of need to sleep on them all.

  4. OMG! Why didn't I think of this? I will have to try it now. Peer pressure and all. hehe jk