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Saturday, 18 June 2016

7 Card 'Dumb Reading' with CBD Tarot

CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov

Yesterday my negotiations on the house were handed over to a woman who works in my mortgage broker's office. He told me she was 'very good at these sort of conversations', and I spoke to her on the phone for about 30 minutes. I like her. She is firm and resolute. We are going to meet with her on Monday for further discussion. For today, I thought there's no harm in just flat-out asking, 'What will be the outcome of this negotiation?' and trying a 'dumb reading' (as described by Enrique Enriquez) using 7 cards to string together a story from the images.

This, then is the story of this line: 

A financial situation exists involving a lot of money. A woman holds up a coin toward the situation. Her sceptre and demeanour display an easy and regal confidence. A youth rides up and stops to look at the coin. He's facing away from the woman; she is not part of his experience of this coin, just the coin. It appears much smaller to him than it did to the woman who held it out. It's so light it floats, to him, whereas in her hand it looks more hefty and substantial.  The youth eyes the coin and seems inclined to hit it with his bat. He's certainly not reaching out for it. He is moving toward an older man holding a cup. His gaze now also appears to be passing the coin and moving toward the man in the next card. The older man has a posture of easy confidence, and appears to be guiding the youth toward the 6 of Wands. The youth most likely rides past the floating coin and with the help of the wiser man, a collaboration is created. A good feeling emerges. A financial balance results.

To break it down a little more:

The story begins with 9 of Coins, a lot of money. ('One is a little. Ten is a lot,' as Camelia Elias says in her book The Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading.) Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people ever make. So, yes, a lot of money. The coin in the middle is me, and the other coins are people trying to get money out of me. It's the cost of the house and also the situation I'm in, doing my best to protect myself from a costly mistake. 

The Queen of Coins faces me. She is on my side. She also faces the financial situation and not the the subsequent cards. For her, the financial aspect is the only important thing. She holds a coin out to the 9 of Coins. She makes an offer to those who want my money.  She is probably our negotiator. 

The Knight of Coins examines the offer. He holds a club and looks as if he intends to bat the coin away. He is moving away from the offer. Perhaps the offer is rejected by the vendor. But perhaps the vendor will be guided a bit in this...

The King of Cups looks away from the Knight of Coins toward 6 of Wands. The King of Cups has experience in dealing with emotional situations, and his eyes are on collaboration. Perhaps he is the estate agent or other advisor of the Knight of Coins who might counsel for cooperation. It is after all in the interest of the estate agent to make a sale, and a few thousand here or there is not going to affect his commission that much. His gaze is to the right of the spread, the future. He will want progress to be made. 

6 of Wands. An alliance. We may find a way to meet our goals. 

Ace of Cups. The agreement apparently is quite acceptable to both parties. 

2 of Coins. Both parties have their financial goals reached by working together. A balance is found.

The Queen of Coins keeps her back to the proceedings after her initial offer. This suggests that any compromises to her offer will probably not be considered by her to be the best case scenario.Her back to proceedings suggests her initial offer is not the one that happens in the end. However, the Ace of Cups suggests good feeling, and coupled with the 2 of Coins, suggests good feeling between financial collaborators.

(On the other hand, the 6 of Wands may indicate that both of us have found an ally that makes us feel protected, and we have a good feeling about the outcomes, which is that we both have protected our own financial interest by keeping barriers up between us (see how the two coins are kept apart), ie, we don't complete the sale, but we feel good about it. However, the two coins are linked together, though also kept separate, so chances are this points to a collaboration of two sides of the coin. Either we amicably agree to disagree, or we manage to reach a mutually satisfactory contract, but either way, it would appear that this will not be an all-out war full of ugliness!)

ETA: A reader friend of mine suggested that the King of Cups could be another potential buyer! So it could be that collaboration and agreement happen with a different buyer, not us. I didn't even see that. So that is an alternative outcome. :)

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