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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A standoff between Page of Wands and Knight of Swords

CBD Tarot 
I wrote about this card a couple of years ago, and made much of the strange configuration of arms in the TdM image. I couldn't figure out what they could mean, but Yoav Ben-Dov suggests in The Open Reading that 'it seems as if the wand absorbs the page's hands, meaning that the querent's actions are not driven by his desires and not by his conscious control.' Well now that is genius, and leads straight to the quick interpretation at the bottom of the entry: 'Desires and drives which the querent doesn't yet know how to control and direct. Creative potential and real intentions to move forward, but more maturity and self-discipline are needed for things to happen.'

Again, completely different interpretation to RWS meanings. But it still makes sense in the context of a page's lack of maturity and the nature of the Wands suit.

This draw is quite apt, considering yesterday I wanted to do some yoga but had to quit after only two sun salutes, and wanted to eat well, but ended up eating quite a lot of rubbish. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I wonder what is in the Page of Wand's line of sight? I've drawn Knight of Swords.  They are certainly looking straight into one another's eyes. 'The querent has energy, motivation and resources needed to advance, but he should control his impulse to charge ahead and instead check whether the direction in which he is advancing is a good one. It is advisable to pay attention to hesitation and doubts.' (The Opening Reading.)

Now that's interesting.

Ben-Dov points out that the Knight of Swords' horse's hooves are detached from 'the practical ground'.  Whereas he notes that the Page of Wands has 'feet touching the bottom line of the card in a way which suggests a stable base'.

Why are they in a standoff?

How has an unfocused and unskilled sense of drive met with hesitation and doubt in your life? They seem to be at a stalemate here, squaring up and glaring into each other's eyes.

How do you break out of such a situation?

Why don't you draw a card from a TdM and tell me what answer you get?

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