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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Page of Swords copes with anxiety...

CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov
'The future is perceived as a menace, but this can be put right with a change of approach.'
                                                                     - Yoav Ben-Dov

That card hits the nail on the head. Today we are meeting with our independent surveyor to discuss the condition of the house we are in the process of buying (or not), with particular attention to works that were carried out on it some four years ago. His advice will largely determine whether we proceed or walk away, and quite rightly as that is the purpose of a building survey.

This Page of Swords holds his weapon ineffectively on his shoulder, blocking his view of the future and turning his face away from it. I myself have been feeling quite anxious, my mind whirling with the 'what-ifs' of the future -- what if we pay too much, what if something goes wrong with the house that we should have seen or known about, what if we lose our jobs and can't make the payments, and all that sort of thing.

'The weapon may symbolise not a weapon, but a barrier or hindrance, such as negative thoughts,' Ben-Dov writes in The Open Reading. 'The feet pointing both directions indicate indecision.' Do they ever! But hopefully today, they will be set on the right path for our greatest good.

'Hindering factors can be used as useful tools or weapons.' Well, the survey itself has been a trigger for a lot of my anxiety -- and this is apparently quite a common response to a building survey, which makes your little dream home look like a house of horrors! But I can see how it can be used as a tool to point out where improvements need to be made so there are no nasty surprises (or fewer at least) after we move in, and can be used perhaps not as a 'weapon', but let's say 'leverage' in renegotiating price to reflect true value of the structure and property.

I'll be so glad when this stage of the game is done.

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