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Monday, 20 June 2016

Success in 6 of Coins

Today we are going to meet with the person who will be negotiating with the estate agent for our house this week. We want to go over all the details with her and make sure she knows what our bottom line is when it comes to negotiating. We only have one deal breaker, and if the vendors are at all sensible, they will see that it is perfectly fair to expect them to carry out that work or reduce the asking price to cover that work, because with it not done, the house is not valued by the surveyor at the asking price.

The card of the day is hopeful in that respect. We have the 6 of Coins. It is a card that looks exactly the same upright or inverted. It has perfect symmetry and balance. Yoav Ben-Dov says in The Open Reading that it denotes 'plenty of resources and possibilities.' The interpretation sounds so hopeful I just have to quote it:

'Optimism, a positive outlook, especially in material and practical issues. A good balance between stability and flexibility. Advancement of a project without encountering a real challenge. Expansion in different directions without losing focus. Success.'

That makes me feel really positive about the meeting and the work this person is going to do for us.

After the meeting, we intend to do some domestic chores -- for one, we're going to take some items that are hard to dry without a tumble dryer or a back garden and wash and dry them at the laundrette. I haven't been in a laundrette in 20 years. That should be interesting.

Beyond that I don't know what we're doing. We booked this week off as we do every year at this time, but this year we decided we'd best not spend any money on a holiday so we're just hanging around. Plus I've got some stuff I've got to get done for the IRS this week. Joy.

Have a great day!


  1. Hope the launderette visit went well - that's a success of a sort, doing something that's not been done in a while. And good luck with the IRS stuff, too :)

    1. We didn't go, in the end. The stuff is still lying here waiting. ha!