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Monday, 20 June 2016

Update on recent readings...

On Saturday I did a 'dumb reading' about the negotiations for a house we were trying to buy:

CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov

I interpreted this reading thus: A woman offers a coin to a situation that involves a lot of money. A youth rides past the offered coin toward an older man holding a cup. A collaboration ensues, and an agreement is reached that is mutually beneficial. It didn't turn out 'quite' that way...

A friend told me that the Ace of Cups in this type of reading almost always means a 'house' -- which makes sense if you look at the shape -- and the 2 following it could be read literally to make 'a second house'.

The negotiation happened today. The woman made the offer. The vendor did walk right past it. We are very grateful for that, because we had no intention of offering any more for that house than we did; we went and looked at a house this afternoon that just came on the market today and we liked it so much we are going to make an offer on it first thing tomorrow morning. So -- we loved a second house.

What actually happened was this: our negotiator put an offer to the estate agent. The estate agent phoned me and I said exactly the same thing. The vendor didn't like the offer (even though it was for what the house appraises for) and rejected it.

The King of Cups may be us, older and wiser, following the counsel of our hearts (by accepting the rejecting without counter offer), turning our heads toward a 'harbinger of good news about a second house' (6 of Wands + Ace of Cups + 2 of Coins), because after we got the news they weren't interested in our offer, we saw the house listed and phoned to make an appointment to see it. We just saw it this afternoon and liked it enough that we are going to put an offer in on it tomorrow morning.

It did turn out to be a second house. Now who knows if we end up buying the house, but the negotiations turned out just as depicted in the cards.

I have learned a new lesson -- look at the picture in the card, be literal The Ace of Cups does look like a house. And remember to keep the reading focused on self. Someone in this reading had to be me. Turns out I was the King of Cups -- the one in the middle, of course!

Valuable reading experience gained. I won't forget it.


  1. It's really odd for me to think of the Ace of Cups as a house, but it certainly does look like one :) Ah well, older and wiser on both the reading and the house buying fronts...

  2. I'm glad you wrote an update on your reading - I learn so much from your blog. Sorry to hear the first house deal fell through. Here is hoping the second house deal is worth the wait.

  3. We bought the second house and I'm sitting in it right now, looking over older posts. :)