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Monday, 15 August 2016

Grand Tableau - Now to end of September - Maybe Lenormand

Maybe Lenormand, Edward, US Games 2016
This grand tableau is meant to cover until the end of September for me.  I'm using the reading method described by Andy Boroveshengra in Lenormand: Thirty-six Cards. It lacks fleshing out, and is mostly a rough outline just for myself. :)

The first three cards have a message for me: Good feelings ahead. The gift of a hopeful heart.

The four corners are Bouquet + Snake + Book + Fox. The gift of transformation comes from being clever with the rules. A clever woman teaches useful information.

The cards closest to me are Bouquet above, Cross to my right, and Dog below. At 1:00 is Star and at 5:00 is Key. Four out of five of those cards are quite positive. Only Cross, which is right next to me, is bad. However, this indicates that the troubles are temporary and easily mitigated. The Cross is touching Gift, Star, Heart, Ring, Mountain, Key and Dog. My hope, emotions, marriage and ability to find solutions to problems may be adversely affected this month. I see this as lots of worrying and mood swings about these issues.

Far from me are Letter and Rider -- communications will not come to me easily, I will probably have to seek them out.

My significator is on the far left of the spread. Most of the spread is to my right, where things are 'amplified'. I take this to mean that everything is going to be 'heightened' for me, and I can see that. Lots of stress goes along with a house buy, not to mention my time of life! So yeah, heightened experience of events, definitely. The top row in particular, being above me and to my right, is relevant and amplified: Anchor + Scythe + Coffin + Sun + Fox.

The middle cards are Man + Stork + House + Whip. The changing man brings domestic arguments. There could be a lot of conflict with the hubster about moving house. Oh boy, have I seen some of that already. Still, three out of four of the cards are red suit, Hearts, and only one Club, so it's just spats and nothing serious. Whip suggests they will be same-old-same-old arguments, as well.

The last row of four cards describe an important or triggering event...We've got Paths + Lily + Fish + Rider. A decision about a financial opportunity brings peace. Hm. Maybe this means we'll have exchanged contracts by the end of September -- or something will be settled for good and all, in any case.

Counting nine cards out from Lady: Key + Child + Rider. A message about a necessary new beginning. This could be the move date! Counting 13 cards out: Mice + Fish. Yeah, the money will certainly get nibbled away when we move. So many little expenses do add up.

Next, which cards do I face horizontally? Well, I'm facing left and there are no cards to my left, so -- none! As this row is meant to show what happens within four weeks' time, it looks like nothing much is going to happen until the very end of September.

To cover general topics, look at their cards:

Relationships - Heart, Ring, Anchor
All three of these cards are close to me, and they wrap the Man card, my significant other.  Lots of change will threaten my feelings of stability, but my commitment to the Man will remain steadfast.

Work - Moon
Moon is in my horizontal line, but it is relatively far away from me and won't cause more than the usual level of concern. Sun, Birds and Clover indicate productive and positive conversations, either with my line manager or in my capacity as a manager, suggested by the Bear.

Money - Fish
It's in the last line of four, so that makes it significant, and how can it not be right now? It's all I think about. Flanked by Lily, Tree, Garden, Clouds and Rider, with nothing underneath. Most of these are positive cards. I am looking at a long-term financial commitment, and yes the garden is a big draw! Fish is far from me in the draw, so I'm thinking this reinforces the 'big picture' aspect of this very large ticket item.

Well-being - Tree 
Tree has Child and Garden to left and right, House and Lily above and below, and diagonal are Mountain, Whip, Fish and Path. Only Mountain is a negative card, the rest are positive. Tree is relatively far from me, so I can expect good health. Mountain would seem to be blocks caused by negative thought patterns, and that plays out if you like the surrounding cards -- House, travelling, marriage/commitment -- it's all the usual stresses of buying and moving to a new house.

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