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Sunday, 7 August 2016

This week with the Greenwood - Day One

'I have no means of tapping into a supernatural force, a higher force -- no. Images are made by people.' - Enrique Enriquez

A relevant thought from Enriquez as I move into this week, where I'll be reading with the Greenwood Tarot and an oracle illustrated by the same artist, Celtic Shaman's Pack. These images are made by people -- and their meaning is assigned by people. And that's enough.

My questions:

What can I do to alleviate my stress and feel less tired and worried? What should I be asking for from others? Where should I practice acceptance? Where should I stand my ground?

Greenwood Tarot, Mark Ryan & Chesca Potter, Thorsons 1996

I can realise and accept that challenge is a normal state of affairs. There's never a time when we aren't facing some battle or other. You just carry on...and like the hares, you realise that it's rarely a life and death and fight, anyway. The guidebook even bears this out: 'Learn to deal with rivalry or adversity.' Ha.

Healing from others is what I need right now, or rather, enough respite to find healing myself. I need enough of the burden carried by someone else that I can find space and time to do this important work.

I must accept that my counterpart in this life is not like me, doesn't think like me, doesn't operate like me, doesn't feel like me and isn't me. A partner isn't a mirror of ourselves. I must accept the polarity of our relationship and how we stand together but separate.

I should stand my ground when it comes to my inner voice. I should, in other words, have confidence in my ability to find creative solutions to my problems.

I see the repeating motif through this spread of pairs. The two upright hares, the two figures in 2 of Cups and the post stones in 3 of Stones. I am reminded that I do not move through this world alone, and I would do well to remember this. Duality can mean tension and conflict, but it can also mean cooperation and strength.

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