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Monday, 23 January 2017

Parrott Tarot: The World

Today's card is The World from the curious Parrott Tarot deck by Margaret and Thom Parrott. It's a self-published deck that apparently came out in 2008 (or at least that is the date it was first available on Amazon.) I received it in trade and find it quite amusing. The deck came in a tuck box with no instructions, though I gather that originally it had a fold-out information sheet. However, I've managed to find images of the sheet online and from what I can see, it's no more helpful than a traditional LWB. So all these esoteric notations must be either something you're familiar with from elsewhere, used 'intuitively', or simply ignored. They come from Golden Dawn tradition, and as we know, Golden Dawn is behind both the RWS and the Thoth decks. Strangely, the box says 'A deck of 82 cards based on the Rider Waite deck,' but the cards of this deck are so Thoth-y it hurts, as you'll see in subsequent draws this week. (The four extra cards are 'The Mentors', which apparently belong in the courts, but those who know me can well guess where they are. In the box.)

Each card has a Thoth-inspired image, number in upper and lower left corner (in pip cards the upper left is the playing card equivalent, which is nice), Hebrew letter, astrological sign, and a parrot in the lower right corner. In majors, he's singing a note that is apparently associated with the card in Golden Dawn tradition. (I don't know what the two Arabic numerals are next to the Hebrew letter, but I'm not deep into Golden Dawn, really.  I'll have to look those up.) In the pip cards, he's doing some sort of action that reflects the meaning of the card. The pips have Thoth key words.

Must rush this morning, but it least it looks like it's going to be a positive day! I drew The World!


  1. http://www.tarotpassages.com/parrott.htm
    It appears the numbers correspond to the path on the Tree of Life.

  2. Ha ha, as well as for creative writing, with this particular deck you could get inspiration for composing music! The little parrots sound like one of the funnest parts of this deck, I shall look forward to seeing more of them :) Hope your day went well!

    1. Well, apart from some attempts by the one who must not be named to upset me, it was fine, thanks! Hope yours did, too. :)