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 The cards tell a story that you can apply to your life. Working from your question, I will translate the images into words for you. I have helped people with their career paths, their relationships, their jobs, their marriages. There is no question that the cards cannot handle. When you order, you will receive a complete service including initial consultation, reading, and follow up. Please read Ethics, Terms of Use and Feedback for more information. 

Who does the readings? 

My name is Carla, and I started reading tarot for clients in 2010. I work full time in another field, and I offer this card reading service as a sideline. I read not to earn my living, but because I enjoy it. I charge because my time is valuable and my readings are worth it.

I'm an old-fashioned reader of cards. I use either the Tarot de Marseille majors or a deck of playing cards, or sometimes a full Tarot de Marseille deck. If you fancy Lenormand, I can do you a Grand Tableau. :)

My readings address your question. I don't spend any time describing the pictures to you or explaining general interpretations. I tell you the answer to your question as it is presented to me in the cards. As you're your own person, I leave it up to you to decide what to do with that information and what your next steps will be. 

Cards and divination are an organic part of my life. I will use my experience with them to answer your question with accuracy and in a forthright style.

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