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Amy, April 2016: 
"Wow, this is really great. I really love the layout you did, it does a great job of simplifying what is going on in what aspect of the situation. There is really a lot to dig into here. The career suggestions are interesting, some of which I have been thinking about. Your reading has sparked an interest in digging into my chart as I explore career possibilities, which I hadn't really considered before."

Diana, April 2016:
"Thank you for the reading.   It's exactly how it is and how I feel."

Catherine, April 2016:

"All your reads are spot on. I used to do lots of psychic work and know a fake when I see one. You are genuine. The cards speak, or rather sing to you. Yes, I understand you don't read the future, but your cards do. You are amazing!" 

Meera, Nov 2015: 

"Thank you for sending me the reading in such a detailed and informative manner. What you have read, read into and summarized are symbolic of what the situation and emotions are actually. And my and my friend's characters as well." 

Bridgett, July 2015:  
"I have been following your blog for a couple of years, and I find your views to be extraordinary and relevant. I respect you greatly, and am quite pleased with my reading. You said the things that I already knew in my gut, but you also went beyond my own feelings to provide the objectivity that I couldn't give to myself. It is a blessing to have another reader that I can go to at my time of need. Thank you kindly for your time and the energy that I know goes into such a detailed reading. You are appreciated."

Kim, August 2014:

"Thank you ever so much for your reading! It was absolutely spot on and exactly what I needed to hear." 

Fran, July 2014: 

"Thank you so much Carla for helping to make our event huge success I am so impressed that despite the heat and the noise, you were able to do so many readings. It really was a marathon session! I know also that it was very spiritually and physically tiring, but you helped a lot of people, which was wonderful to see. I really look forward to working together in the future and I am also looking forward to having a reading myself :)"
Fran Perry, Cloud 9 

Ginger, June 2014:
"The reading I received was spot on and very timely.  I could tell as I read it that a lot of time and energy was put into it. Nicely done. Thank you!"

Paula, June 2014:
"I've only read the reading you sent me about 100 times!!!  You said Rachel Pollack calls it a wisdom reading and I can see why.  The words you wrote are very wise, very true, very eye opening.  The reading meant a lot to me and I am thankful." 

Michelle May 2014:
"I decided to have a reading after coming across the blog, I'm so glad I did! I asked a fairly generic question but was amazed by the reply! It was so accurate and has helped me to make a decision about what was troubling me. Thank you so much, I will definitely be back in the future!"

Alicia, June 2013:

"Carla, I did find your reading fascinating and I must say I have never had such a beautiful reading before, even though I have had some sensitive and very intuitive readers. This was a wonderful reading, the more I read it the more I wonder at how full of meaning and care it is."

Peggy, April 2013:
"I've read the reading you sent me over and over. It was indeed spot on. Thank you so  much. I will definitely have you do more readings when I have questions or issues to be dealt with. Those cards were exactly what I needed to help me go to my core and get myself in the right place. Thank you again....you are amazing."

Paula, February 2013: 

"Wow, Carla!  Thank you for doing my reading!  You have given me much to consider and some serious work to do.  Everything you said makes sense for me and the situations in which I currently find myself.  Your interpretations have already helped organize a method for me to approach some of the changes I've been feeling like I might need to make."

Wei, February 2013:

"Carla, thank you for the lovely reading. You did it so quickly too, in only a couple of hours after I sent you the request! You really picked up on a lot about me even though I hardly told you anythingSo yes, you are good! I love your readings – the presentation style, the intuitive insightfulness, the empowering messages. Oh yes, and the promptness in completing them. I hope you will be doing this for a long time. Thank you for your patience so far in reading and answering all my email. I appreciate the extra touch to your services."

Vickie, March 2012:

"Thanks for appearing at our Pamper Evening; everyone enjoyed their reading. I know I found the one you did for me was very good." 

Wendy, March 2012: 
"An amazing reading. You have no idea how much it resounded with me."

Cassandra, February 2012: 
"The reading you gave me was very helpful, both in terms of clarifying the situation, validating my feelings, and some good advice, as well as making me think about some personal stuff I need to work on, on my own. Much, much appreciated."

Britt, December 2011:

"Thanks so much for the reading - it definitely does ring true. Even since I've received this reading the situation has changed...I think what you described is very fitting."


  1. Hi, I was delighted to meet you and your help and advice has been extremely useful and enlighening. Mnythanks, Tracey K ( The lady from the library )

    1. It was lovely to meet you, too. I remember our conversation vividly. Hope to hear from you again!

  2. Your reading was so profound and really reflected what I had been experiencing. The reading that you sent me was beautifully presented, you have a real gift. Thankyou!

    1. Thanks, Tim!! :D I look forward to reading for you again.

  3. I've really enjoyed using a couple of your spread designs and am looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you, Shannon! I would love to hear about the readings you've done with them. :)

  4. Your reading for me was very honest, sensitive, and eye opening. Thank you so much.


    1. You are very welcome, James! I would be honoured to read for you again.

  5. Hi Carla,

    Thank you for the reading you did for me back in late 2015.
    I asked you how I would get on in our new house, and how would the move affect my business. Obviously this took a while to assess, hence the late feedback, but I'm pleased to say, so far everything is going just as you saw in the cards, I hope it continues! Best wishes, Jane.

    1. Hi Jane Ey, thanks for getting back to me! I'm glad to hear everything's going well. xx Blessings!

  6. Carla provided me with a very clear, concise reading that was easy to understand. It was beautifully presented under three headings 'The Story of the Cards', 'Applying the Story to your Life' and 'In Summary'. I look forward to putting the advice of the reading into action!

    1. Thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed the reading! Best wishes. x