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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Deck of the Week: Wicca Moon

Wicca Moon Tarot by Shirlee@Wicca Moon
This week I'll be looking at Wicca Moon Tarot. I've used this deck earlier in 2012, and actually voted for it as the best deck of 2012 in a poll at Aeclectic Tarot. It's a lovely deck, and the creator, Shirlee@Wicca Moon, says that a companion book will be coming out later in the year. There's a lovely review of the deck by Inner Whispers on You Tube. :) It's thanks to this video that I even knew about the deck.

The above 3-card draw is a reading about the coming week. I have not assigned positional meanings. The Ace of Cups sits at the centre of this spread, and represents emotion and relationships; in particular, fresh starts or new beginnings in relationships. To the left is Death, to the right, 5 of Swords. Something important happened to me recently in one of my relationships, a revelation of how I have caused pain to someone I love, and how my choices and behaviour have hurt both of us. It is time for me to call a halt to this behaviour. The Death card shows this change. It is the definite END to something, which will lead to the rebirth of something. Rebirth of what--Ace of Cups, a fresh start in a relationship. End of what -- 5 of Swords, pain and defeat.

Now I don't take this draw to mean that all the work is going to be done this week. I take it as a reminder of the work I have promised myself (and this other one) that I will do. I've already made a bit of start by ordering a book (actually a CD) to help me address these issues. And I just need daily reminders of the sort of work and steps I should take to progress in this truly important project. So this week, I'll be doing one-card daily draws intended to be guideposts or reminders about what behaviour/thought patterns to look out for.

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  1. So glad you like this deck ;D Sounds like a tough revelation, but also a powerful one. Good luck working on it :)