Friday 22 September 2017

Mabons past

I started this blog seven years ago, and have been pretty faithful to it, with some fallow periods (such as the current one). I did a quick search for previous Autumn Equinox posts and found these:

2012 - for the Tarot Blog Hop (I wonder if that's still running) - Choosing a card to represent 'the hidden god' (I don't own any of those decks anymore - but you may notice I mention disliking the word 'resonate' in this entry, too!)

2012 - my first reading with the Wicca Moon Tarot (which I still have)

2013 - a Lenormand square of 9 (with a deck I no longer have)

2014 - look at Sally Morningstar's Wicca Deck (which I still have)

2014 - from the old 'Share a Spread Sunday' series I did for a time (back when I used to do 'spreads')