Saturday 8 October 2016

Space clearing

Who is watching over me and strengthening me today? What energy do they send me? What do they wish for me today? 

It's White Eagle from Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray. I was sort of surprised by this, but reading the companion book helped. The healing of family wounds didn't seem relevant to me now but this did:

'He also helps us move into sacred ceremony, where we can hold sacred space to honour a change, transition, celebration, or anything else that deserves time. He is wonderful for clearing space.'

This is very relevant to me right now as we've just bought a house and it's standing empty waiting for us to move in and clearing and sacred space to honour change, transition and celebration seems just the ticket. So it would appear today is the day to do any rituals we intend to do for space clearing and blessing.

Thanks, White Eagle, for clearing up the timing of that particular task. :)

I'm going to be without internet connection for some time as we make this transition, but I'll be back! We move early next week!