Monday 6 February 2012

Imbolc Spread: How to be a better candle

1) Purify: what I need to wash away, let go of, or make right
2) Prepare: what I can focus on and re-establish (or strengthen) in my life and that will serve me in months ahead
3) Shine: how I can gently shine in my everyday life and that will be of service or inspiration to others 

This spread is featured on Chloe's blog at Inner Whispers, and I liked it so I thought I'd try it out for myself. Apologies for a stream-of-consciousness commentary...


Hmm. The cards suggest that I need to stop seeing myself in an overly critical light and to be more objective and fair. I also need to stop looking so much at myself, and remember there are other people in the world, all just as 'important' as me. The three cards together seem to point in that same direction, even that last card, which is a whopper.