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Friday, 29 March 2013

Wicca Moon Week Friday

Wicca Moon by Shirlee @ WiccaMoon
It's Good Friday, bank holiday and I'm off work! Yay! Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 8.40 pm and didn't really wake up again until midnight, when I got up and groggily went to bed. So it's now 6 AM and I'm up and feeling relatively human for a change. (I tend to have trouble getting a decent number of hours' sleep; usually it's around 5 or 6 that I average per night. No idea why.)

I remember saying to hubster last night we had better not have too much sugar or coffee because we'd be up until 2 or 3 in the morning like were recently, and he was all 'Doesn't matter, no work tomorrow, yay!' And I said, 'It interrupts the circadian rhythm.' It occurs to me this morning that keeping up the circadian rhythm is an Emperor-ish thing to do.

I particularly like this Emperor from the Wicca Moon Tarot (by Shirlee @ Wicca Moon). He has a commanding presence in his gold-embroidered, red velvet robes, with his scepter in hand and gold crown/headband/torque on his head. He looks like a very strong character indeed. Physically, he is a robust specimen; one imagines he would be a strong chap who could lift heavy, fight hard, endure much. He'd be a good fighter, if it came to that. But possibly, like the male lion, he might never be called on to use his power because his potential as a dangerous adversary is so obvious as to prevent attack. And yet for all that, his smile is benevolent and even welcoming.

I've never made a secret of my fondness for the Emperor. I suppose he represents many of my ideals of masculinity. I like that he is in charge, that he has a strategy, that he has a deep understanding of how to achieve and maintain power, while (in his most positive aspect at least) remaining concerned for the welfare of those under his charge. I believe that he is the force in the universe that imposes order on the chaos of human nature--his is the force that gave us agriculture, social structure/roles, architecture, science, government, law, judicial systems. Human society would not be possible without his strong, fatherly hand. He is the father of human endeavor.

Because he represents discipline and authority to me, I would tend to read this daily draw as suggesting that discipline and order are needed today. In fact, we are doing some very grown-up admin things today regarding our savings (new financial year and all that) and we are also going to be making a plan for getting rid of some stuff and reducing our monthly outgo so that we can increase the amount available to tuck away for the future. I guess financial planning is also an Emperor thing!

Edited to add: I forgot! Another thing this Emperor card may point to--we intend to watch 'The Godfather' today. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. One of my favourite films. ha

A blessed Good Friday to all.


  1. Hi Carla! A blessed Good Friday to you as well! I love the way you look at things--you make me smile.....

  2. Happy Easter Carla, never seen the Godfather. The gent on the card reminds me of a character from a Drama we watch called Game of Thrones.

    1. YOU HAVE TO SEE THE GODFATHER!!! And Godfather 2. If you are a film fan at all, they are essential viewing. Some people consider The Godfather the best film of all time. It's definitely in my top ten.

  3. I like this Emperor, too. Something about his benevolent face, and perhaps also the fact that he isn't an older white guy. Plus, he's got a cat sitting on the hem of his robe - can't be all bad ;) I notice the pure black inside his robes, as though by his presence he keeps the darkness in check. And that kind of structure is especially important to help us make it through the winter we see behind him...