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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wicca Moon Week Wednesday

Wicca Moon by Shirlee@wiccamoon
Who's that girl?

Guess who this is. She looks so charming and impish, doesn't she? But if you look along the back of her velvety cape, you will see written in white: 'Devil XV'. Ooh, she's a tricksy little thing. What IS going on in this Devil card?



Gold chains




At least I think those things are on this card. But what do they mean? If they're even there at all? And what does this card mean in relation to my draw for the week? Maybe it has to do with self-deception. It's so seductive. In what ways am I lying to myself? In what ways am I trying to think I'm all deep and symbolic, when really I'm just being a bitch? These are important questions. What a little temptress this impish lass is.


  1. You are definitely not a bitch Carla!!!!!Not a word I would use to describe you!!! Belladonna? That's also called Deadly Nightshade (I think). It's has fatal purple fruit and is related to tomatoes xxxx :-)

  2. I notice the cat, too. Unusual, in that I associate the Devil with dependence, but cats with independence. And yet, in what ways can independence itself tie us up in knots... You're right, she's a real trickster, this one ;)