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Friday, 26 April 2013

Line Four: Finances

Line Four Finances
Heart of the Situation - Seven of Swords Rx
What to Leave in the Past - Strength Rx
Others - Two of Cups Rx
Advice - Five of Wands

Now on this line, curiously, there was a clump of cards in my deck that had somehow become reversed, even though I hadn't purposely shuffled to get them. So, I left them reversed. Three of four cards reversed, wow.

The Heart of the Situation is Seven of Swords reversed. Now, the Golden Dawn title of Seven of Swords is 'Unstable Effort', and the description of the card is 'partial success, yielding when victory is within grasp, as if the last reserve of strength were used up Inclination to lose when on the point of gaining through not continuing the effort.' (Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot). The card being reversed suggests that my recent efforts in shifting my savings around to find a better interest rate have not been wasted efforts. I've done something instead of not doing anything. I believe having a reversed card here rather than one that might have a similar meaning in an upright position helps to underline that this is a new sort of behaviour for me. I assertive in some things (really!) but terribly passive in others. In this case, what for many would seem a routine and simple action, for me really was like uprooting myself, turning my usual behaviour upside down.

The thing I should leave in the past is Strength Reversed. Interestingly, the Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot has this to say, 'The course of Strength is the reciprocal path which straddles the Tree of Life from Geburah to Chesed. ... This corresponds on the human body to the channel of energy that connects the right and left arms. (True strength is achieved when both arms work in harmony).' Now, I never knew that, and it gives a new resonance and depth to the Strength card. I like this image of the Strength card linking the two arms to work together in harmony. If the Strength card is reversed, it's the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Or even like having one's hands tied behind one's back. I can understand that in relation to my finances, definitely! And the card in its reversed position shows the opposite of that, and again, the appearance of a reversed card suggests to me turning past behaviour on its head.

Wow, the card regarding Others shows a Two of Cups in reverse. I didn't know what to think of this at first. My usual thought with Two of Cups has to do with partnerships, friendships, or even love relationships, and so, to see the Two of Cups reversed suggests to me not to look for sincere partnerships, etc, where finances are concerned. The Golden Dawn meaning is 'Harmony of masculine and feminine united. Harmony, pleasure, mirth, subtlety, sometimes folly, dissipation, waste, and silly action, according to dignity.' It's that last bit that struck my eye, as again it's not something I instantly think of with Two of Cups. Dissipation, waste, silly action. I've never been one to waste money, but I have wasted time, missed out on good interest rates on my savings through inaction. But the card position is not focused on me but on Others. So I take it to mean I should not place too much credence in what Others say or do with regard to money. I must make informed choices and not be too trusting, particularly if that trust is based on friendship. (For example, if someone I know had told me a few years ago to invest in IceSave--which I didn't do, even though lots of reputable sources were encouraging it!)

Finally, the advice is Five of Wands. Generally it's a card taken to mean petty squabbles or irritations, especially in RWS interpretations. Obviously that doesn't work as advice. At first I thought it might mean standing up for myself, but the card doesn't really go in that direction (that would be more a Seven of Wands thing). The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot says, 'Geburah is the Sephirah identified with Martial energy and destruction. This destructive quality is not "evil" but is in fact necessary purification.' So it's good to know that the strife is at least necessary! The book goes on to say, 'It should be noted that the Five of Wands, like other fives, do not always signify certain defeat, but they point out trouble is present.' Well, maybe the card is a warning, then. The advice is to be wary of strife, and in particular quarreling. So I suppose it means I should keep a watchful eye on all accounts and also be wary of financial matters causing quarrels. This could of course, be strife within myself. All these reversed cards representing new behaviours will of course be stirring up unsettled feelings and doubt within myself. Mustn't let those feelings cause me to be a b*tch, and must be prepared to fight and argue (perhaps with banks, etc), if needed. That's what I'm seeing. So I guess my original impulse was pretty much right. Squabbles and irritations. Watch out for 'em.

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  1. What an interesting reading of that line! I don't normally read reversals either, but having several of them turn up in that line was definitely interesting :) Good luck with avoiding squabbles, and leaving behind a sense of having your hands tied behind your back.