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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Off to the docs

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot, Llewellyn
I'm off to a hospital appointment in another town today to get a second opinion about my hearing loss. I thought I'd do a one card draw on it and got 9 of Cups, then decided to go ahead and draw the next two cards to see a fuller message.

I can see where the Queen of Wands came into it, because I had to be quite assertive to get the gumption to ask for a second opinion and had to make the effort to go to the GP and convince them to refer me to this particular ENT even though he is outside their Primary Care Trust. I thought there would be resistance but there was not; I had the appointment within a few days. Of course that was weeks ago, I've been waiting about 6 weeks, but this is the NHS so that is not a terrible wait time, considering.

I think perhaps the Magician may be the ENT. He is considered to be quite good, and is in fact an ENT surgeon who specializes in particular kinds of surgery on the middle ear. Some key words associated with the Magician are skill, wisdom, craft, cunning, adaptation. The card seems to be well dignified by the presence of the Queen of Wands and the 9 of Cups. The Magician in this card even has a great big caduceus, a symbol of the medical profession. This is not to say I expect the ENT to perform miracles, but that he is certainly skilled at what he does. There is an element of the Magician as a trickster, as well, though not really represented in this particular card image, so I must guard against any false hope that may be fostered in me by his excellent reputation.

The main card of the draw is the 9 of Cups, because it is the first card I drew and it was actually intended to be the only card. The 9 of Cups represents nearly perfect happiness. It is a card of pleasure, happiness and good fortune. Complete success. I take this to mean that today's proceedings will go off without a hitch. I'm hoping that includes the train journeys there and back, finding the hospital, as well as what happens once I get there.

Here I go then!


  1. I see the complete success along with the magician as getting some definite answers - good or bad. At least it will settle things and you can move in the right direction based on these answers. They will remove doubt which in and of itself can be a HUGE relief. Of course, I'm an Eeyore, so I never expect miracles but am pleasantly surprised when things go well!

    1. The answers are neither good nor bad, and not definite. Having looked at my audiogram and briefly into my ears, he says I have senorineural loss in my left ear and possibly otosclerosis in my right ear. He pointed again (everyone does) that my hearing loss is quite mild in the left and still in the mild range in the right. His treatment recommendation is to keep wearing hearing aids and to have audiograms every 6 months. I am supposed to go back to his clinic in mid-October. I also requested to be referred to a hearing therapist, which he is sending a letter to my GP about so that my GP can do the actual referral (because I live outside his Primary Care Trust).

      I think the Magician card also points to the man's image of himself and his personality. Like many who are considered 'brilliant' in their field, he is an arrogant bastard. He spent most of my visit with him talking about himself, his colleagues and the field of ear surgery (stapedotomy in particular) and its future. That was a bit tiresome. He then flamboyantly dictated the letter to my GP into his dictaphone, whipping off his glasses periodically to ask me a question. Then he told me that the only surgeon he knew who was his equal has a practice on Harley Street and a Lear jet, or some such. Pfft. BUT, he is one of the best, so I've read, and it's good that I can see him on the NHS.

      So anyway, that's pretty much it. There's not a lot to be done about hearing loss. And I still don't have a definitive answer as to what has caused it. It's just one of those things.

  2. Sorry to hear the appointment was a bit of a bust. Still, I see you kept your Queen of Wands energy going - insisting on getting the letter for hearing therapy referral. Good for you!

    As for the rest, a God-complex is often an issue with doctors, and surgeons in particular! Ah well...

    1. To be honest the result I got was my highest expectation for it. Hearing is not a simple thing, and there are no real answers. That's just the way it is. What I got was probably the best I could have hoped for.