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Monday, 17 June 2013

Fools rush in

Legend Arthurian, 1995
We saw Percivale (Parzival, Parsifal--there are many spellings) last week in the Haindl Tarot, where he is both the Fool and the Prince of Cups. He makes another appearance as the Fool today in Legend Arthurian by Anna-Marie Ferguson (Llewellyn 1995).

In this card, Percivale has just arrived at Camelot. This is his first glimpse of the castle shining in the sun, framed by rainbows. He's fresh from the boondocks of deepest Wales and doesn't know the first thing about being a knight. He is filled with optimism and untapped potential. His adventure is about to begin, and he is oblivious to dangers or pitfalls.

That's all you need to know about Percivale in order to see how he's the Fool in this deck. There are many ways in which Percivale at the beginning of his journey is a tarot Fool, but this moment depicted in this card says enough.

It's Monday. I wonder what will be Foolish about the day for me today.

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  1. Did you manage to see the wonder of life? That's something else I associate with the Fool - such a fresh perspective... :)