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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The Spears suit in Legend Arthurian (Ferguson, Llewellyn 1995) is the suit of Rods, Wands or Staves in other decks. Here, the Ace of Spears is the Grail Lance, the Lance of Longinus, the very spear that pierced the side of Christ on the cross. It was housed in the castle of King Pellam, and it is this that Balin picks up in self-defense and stabs King Pellam in the thigh with it, thus dealing the Dolorous Blow that lays waste three kingdoms and creates the Fisher King.

That backstory is not important to interpreting the card, though. The Grail Lance is the spear of all spears! And the Ace of Spears (or Wands) is the wand of all wands, the very essence of its suit, which is the element of Fire--action, drive, purpose, initiative, potential.

When you draw the Ace of Wands (or Spears, or Lances, or Rods, or Staves, or whatever your deck creator has called them), you know that you are entering a phase of great creative potential. The key word is potential. The Ace of Spears hasn't done anything yet. But wow, is it poised to spring.

Well, it's Tuesday, I don't know how I feel 'poised to spring' today -- but we are going on holiday tomorrow, so maybe the card is pointing to that. :)


  1. Sounds good! Every holiday has potential. I hope you have a wonderful one. Maybe you'll get a brilliant new idea while you're away.

  2. You could see this as the need to string your bow and prepare for the holiday, ready to shoot off and enjoy yourselves :) Hope you have a lovely time!