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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I needed a good pick-me-up after yesterday's tough reading, so I'm glad to see today's card from Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator is 6 of Wands. That's a good one to draw. Aleister Crowley wrote that the 6 of Wands shows 'Energy in completely balanced manifestation'. The card's title is 'Victory'. Whenever I see this card, I hear Queen singing 'We are the Champions.' Is that normal? Probably not.

The Six of Wands RWS card shows a warrior returning home triumphant, surrounded by his cronies. Most RWS-based decks continue this tradition. The rider on a horse accompanied by a wreath is practically as ubiquitous as the valentine heart with three swords plunged through it in the 3 of Swords card. Iconic, I guess you could say.

In the Prairie Tarot, our champion is not a warrior but a lad showing off his riding skills, perhaps in a competition such as a rodeo. He leaps his horse over a set of steps, flanked either side by the fenceposts that seem to represent wands in this deck. I like this card very much; it conveys the spirit of the Six of Wands instantaneously. As soon as you see it, you get that Six of Wands 'Wahoo' feeling.

Out of curiosity, I had a peek at the Learn Tarot website to see what she has to say about this card.
'In readings, the Six of Wands appears when you have been working hard toward a goal, and success is finally within reach. The recognition you have sought so long is yours. Now you can receive the acclaim, honor and reward that you deserve. If you do not feel close to victory now, know that it is on its way provided you are doing all you can to make it happen. The victory of this card does not have to involve beating someone else. You can triumph over yourself, the environment, or the odds.'
 The most important message for me to take is: 'If you do not feel close to victory now, know that it is on its way provided you are doing all you can to make it happen.' Let that be a reminder to me to do the right things today to move me one step closer to my goals.

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  1. I agree, this is a lovely card. A feeling of just going for it, giving things a try, showing your skills, and getting some recognition for them. Also reminds me that it's not just about winning, but about taking part. A cliché, I know, but true nevertheless :)