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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Does he look like he's going to stay there for long? Not likely!

Cat's Eye Tarot, US Games 2011
The Knight of Wands comes up for me today, and it is another card that has stalked me in 2013. (By 'stalker card', we mean cards that keep turning up over and over in separate readings.) In Cat's Eye Tarot, the court cards seem based more on relative age of the cat than distinctions of personality. Pages are kittens, Knights are adolescents, Queens are sleek adult females and Kings are burly adult males. The Wands suit features orange tabby cats, and the Knight of Wands here is an adolescent/young adult tabby up a tree. He's not charging off into battle like the traditional Knight of Wands, but I guess it did take a bit of power surge to get up that tree. Presumably he's doing that weird cat thing where for no discernible reason he went charging up the tree, will then sit and stare for a few minutes, startle, and for no apparent reason go charging back down the tree again. I had a cat like this once. (I have owned cats in the past...my ex-husband liked cats). This cat was kinda psycho. He did things like sneak up on a box or upright brown paper grocery bag, and suddenly spring straight up into the air to land inside it. If I was in the loo, he would stick his arm under the door (we lived in an old house and the doors didn't fit that well--the bathroom door had a big gap at the bottom) and feel around on the floor and all around the door. It was strange to be sitting in the bathtub and suddenly see a cat arm poke through there. I don't know what he thought he was going to find. If I left the bathroom door ajar so he could get in, he would come in, hop on the toilet and step over onto the edge of the tub and then walk all the way around the edges of the bathtub a few times, sometimes using my knees or shoulders as a bridge to get across. He would suddenly appear thundering from the hallway sounding like a Shetland pony to leap upon the sofa, run across the back of it, race around the living room and then streak back into the hallway again. This particular cat caused us to have to wire the Christmas tree to the wall because he would run up the tree and ride it down to the floor. He liked to crawl under the sofa and attack my feet from underneath. But the most annoying thing he did was attack my backside when I was washing dishes. I guess when I was scrubbing pots I would get my whole body into it, which must have caused some jiggling to the backside. Well, he would launch himself halfway across the kitchen and latch onto my backside for a second before falling back off again and running away. Sometimes he really latched on and I would have to shake him off. After a couple of episodes of this I would close the kitchen door to wash the dishes. That cat was a menace. He was also mad. He liked to eat wasps. Seriously, how could I make something like this up? This cat was pretty dang insane.

Anyway, now that I look at the cat in the card, I can see he does look like he could at any minute get some wild hair up his butt to go charging like an insane thing either up or down the tree, leaving observers to wonder what the heck -- and that is a pretty Knight of Wandsy thing to do.

After yesterday's weights workout, I won't be sprinting anywhere, but I think this card today is telling me to continue to approach things (in this case, my workout regime) with gusto.


  1. That is a particularly grumpy looking Moggy, Carla. Probably waiting impatiently for the fire brigade to come with the ladder and take him out of the tree. Our cat, Mogsy, used to do Pepe' le pew impersonations (arching her body like Pepe) on top of the wardrobe in Mum and Dads room and then sharpen her claws on the back of the sofa. She was confined to the kitchen from then on :-/ Much missed moggy though :*(

  2. Ha ha, give them this, cat's aren't boring ;) And I can imagine you charging at a new idea with gusto, trying something new...