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Monday, 12 August 2013

Fun as a slice of watermelon (?)

Today's card from Crystal Tarot is 3 of Cups, and features watermelon tourmaline. I quite like watermelon tourmaline, it's amazing to me that there's a stone that's green and pink with a little whitish layer between, just like a slice of watermelon! It is said to be a 'feel better' stone because it balances male and female aspects of self.

Of course 3 of Cups is about celebration and feeling good. I'm glad to see this card today; I see it as meaning that today will be an enjoyable day, the work day will go by quickly with no major incidents, and I will probably have some fun conversations with work colleagues. So that will be nice. :)
Watermelon tourmaline


  1. Totally gorgeous stone! I was entranced by the idea after discovering it in this deck. Then I saw the price tag! Ah well, at least we can have the card version :D

    Best wishes for a fun and light-hearted day!

  2. I love the courts in this deck :)

  3. I'd never seen watermelon tourmaline before. How pretty! Did you have a good day at work?