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Monday, 26 August 2013

Go for the Gold

Enough with the cats, I decided to have a dig around and select a tarot I've had forever but hardly posted with. I chose the beautiful Golden Tarot by Kat Black (US Games 2003). I think there are two reasons I don't reach for this deck very often: it's highly laminated and very slippery, and it has gilded edges that hurt the skin on my fingers and hands when I handle the cards. Some people don't have this happening, but I do. I am loathe to trim the deck, though, as I believe it is perfect in every way and quite gorgeous. I've heard there is another edition that is not so plasticky, but I have no idea how to acquire one.

Anyway, I decided to draw three cards today, no real positions:

Golden Tarot, Kat Black 2003
The King of Coins advises me to take mastery of the material/financial/physical aspects of my life. There are some tasks I was thinking of doing this morning regarding Paypal and so on, actually. And of course I see this as a reference to taking care of myself physically - I do intend to work out today. Two of Wands suggests I need to make plans regarding these aspects of my life, and not just drift about waiting for things to happen. So I suppose I better make a 'To Do' list for today. Then of course the Queen of Wands (stalker that she is) tells me that  it's not enough to make plans, I have to light a fire under my butt and actually get them done.

Gosh, guys, it's Bank Holiday Monday!  Oh well. No rest for the wicked, eh? ;)

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  1. LOL! A bank holiday is precisely when you have a bit more time for non-day-job stuff, so I can see their point :) Hope you made the most of the day!