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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Roots go even deeper today

The Crystal Tarot (Philip Permutt, 2010) gives me another message to focus on grounding today with the Ace of Pentacles. The roots in this card go even deeper than yesterday's card, and the chakra associated with the card is the root, or base, chakra. The crystal here is moldavite, which my Essential Crystal Handbook tells me is a tektite with a green transparency. It goes on to say that moldavite 'blends cosmic and earthly energies, expanding awareness of the universe,' and that it represents 'transformation, evolutionary process and spiritual growth.' I'm seeing everything as pointing to my yoga practice lately! Doing yoga twice a day certainly makes it stand uppermost in one's awareness. The Crystal Tarot companion book says: 'You are entering a good period in your life and will see the physical rewards of your hard work.' Well, yay!

Traditionally this card can mean a new job or promotion. It so happens I'm on a recruitment team today and doing interviews all morning, so someone will be getting a new job--just not me. Well, I'm involved in someone getting a new job, anyway.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday. Did you see that full moon by the way? Awesome!


  1. hey carla, thanks for bringing in your movie star cards today. Sorry I was pushed for time.

    I had to leave town early as I had to get back in time to go to my Reiki share evening and that was all about Crystal healing and I volunteered for a treatment, absolute amazing experience. I had to choose two crystals (i can't remember what they were now) and the rest of the treatment went much like a reiki session.

    Both Reiki and Crystal healing work mainly centres on the chakras, the base, crown etc etc.

    1. I've never been to a reiki healing session before. Sounds interesting. No worries about today, I was just chuffed that I finally remembered to bring them.

  2. Hope you're feeling that good period in your life, even if it was just that day. Every day you exercise and feel good is a good day :)