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Friday, 1 November 2013


Wicca Moon Tarot
Does the tarot mock me today? I've drawn Three of Wands, which is one of the cards I've just discovered is MISSING from my new Robert Place Vampire Tarot deck.

I can't tell you how excited and chuffed I was yesterday, to receive the Vampire Tarot, on Halloween no less! The box is beautiful. The book is amazing. The deck is a fantastic creation...but...I carefully peeled the deck apart, having read elsewhere online that the deck arrives in a solid brick of cards and must be peeled apart. Then while watching TV I set to work rounding the corners. I rounded them all and happily began reading the book. I thought I was watching for all the cards while I peeled them apart, but to be honest at no point did I actually count them to see if there were 78.

This morning I began my usual new deck ritual of laying the cards out on the floor in groups of majors, aces, twos, threes, fours, etc. And I discovered that the deck is MISSING 3 of Stakes, 7 of Garlic Flowers and Knave of Knives! I've looked in the box under the plastic insert. I've looked all through the book. I've looked all around the living room. I've looked in the scanner even though I didn't scan any of them yesterday. I have picked at the cards to see if they might still be stuck together, but I rounded the corners and would surely have noticed it then. I think the simple sad truth of the matter is that I have finally got an imperfect deck. I've always been very lucky and never received a deck missing cards.

I have emailed the seller at Amazon and hope they are willing to help. To be honest, I'm miffed because I'm afraid even if they do send me another one, it will be missing cards as well. But perhaps that is unlikely to happen. And also--I'm going to have to round all those corners again! I suppose there's no chance they will send just the three cards. The deck is published by St Martins Press and they have no customer service contact. Their FAQs say if you get a damaged item, return it to place of purchase. Pfft.

So, the card looks happy and blue and full of butterflies, but I am miffed!!!

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  1. I am sorry for you and I can sympathize, because I have received The Wildwood tarot with a major stain on one of the cards. Luckily BD is sending me a replacement :)
    Hopefully your problem will be solved to