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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Share a spread Sunday: The Anxiety Roundabout

I created this spread back when I was taking driving lessons. I cannot overstate the level of driving anxiety that I developed while taking driving lessons. One of my biggest fears was roundabouts -- a foreign concept and a terror. It became a metaphor for me of anxiety itself. And so this spread was born. The card positions are based on the steps my driving teacher taught me (she taught me to pass my test the first time, but she also created a lifelong fear of driving, bless her):

This is a page straight of my spread notebook :)

Card One goes in the centre and is the hub or source of the anxiety. If you are unsure why you are anxious, you could draw a card for this one to see what tarot reveals about the source of your anxiety. If you are aware of the source, you might choose to pre-select a card that represents the anxiety as you understand it. 

For the remaining cards, shuffle and draw as usual and lay out in the above arrangement. If you want to draw a circle on a sheet of paper, or create one out of a piece of string, a string of beads or some small crystals, that would be helpful in visualizing the layout.

1. Recognizing the roundabout - This is the hub of the anxiety.
2. Approaching the roundabout - These are factors creating the anxiety.
3. Hesitation (a thing you're not supposed to do at the roundabout!) - Your fears; the thing that keeps you paralyzed.
4. Moving off - The 'truth': the 'reality' of the situation (as opposed to your fears or illusions about it)
5. MSM ('Mirror-signal-manouevre--the scariest part of the roundabout, where you have to get yourself into the position to leave the roundabout) - The ACTION that will take you from fear to acceptance of reality
6. Leaving the roundabout - How you can overcome the fear for good

If you try this spread out, please let me know how it worked for you! :) 

If you would like a reading from me using the Anxiety Roundabout Spread, please click on the Order a Reading tab at the top of this page, select the appropriate number of cards in the drop-down menu, and write 'Anxiety Roundabout' along with your subject in the topic line. I will have your reading to you within 48 hours. 

Here's some feedback I got for my most recent reading: 

'A big thank you to Carla Tate who did a Lenormand reading for me and I can say that I was absolutely blown away by it. It really resonates with me, which means that it's 100% spot on (my opinion). I'm a psychic but can never read for myself and it's rare I find a person able to read for me. Carla's read brought a lot of things in line and perspective. Thanks!' 


  1. That's a great looking spread. And I love the suggestion to use a string of beads or small crystals to help visualise the layout - I can really picture that working!

  2. Ohhh, I like THAT! I think I may give this one a try... specially considering I just had this horrible coincidence and actually bumped by car HARD against a tree while trying to park today. Now I feel like I should fix the car, sell it and never think of driving again. *sigh* Anxiety levels just skyrocketed.

    If I post the reading on my blog I'll link back to ya! <3

  3. Hi, so I know this post is almost 2 years old, but I came across it while looking for tarot spreads to resolve anxiety - I have had a LOT of anxiety lately, and since it's currently Monday morning, it's especially strong.

    I did your spread, and at first it made absolutely NO sense - the cards I pulled seemed to tell me the opposite of what the positions indicated (for example, in position 1, I got The World - what?!). But as I worked my way through, observed the flow of the cards, and applied them to my life, I saw it all fall together. The spread gave me some excellent advice and a lot to think about - more than many other spreads I've tried have done.

    I've done a lot of spreads on my anxiety in the last few months, but this is the first one that actually addressed many of the issues I actually want to get to the bottom of - I especially loved the inclusion of a card for getting out of the current anxiety along with overcoming the fear for good. I like the long-term planning of that last card. :) It was really, extremely helpful. And the metaphor of the roundabout (although I'm in the US and we don't have these here, at least not the way other countries do) was brilliant.

    Thank you so much for posting this almost two years ago! I just wanted to let you know that even now, I'm getting a lot out of this. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for your comment! I'm so glad to hear that the spread helped you! Best wishes, and do come back and visit me here at my blog again. :D Blessings.