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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Share a Spread Sunday: 'What Should I Do Next?'

I don't know where this spread came from but it's a nice one. I may have made it up myself, because I tend to write an attribution when I copy a spread from somewhere. If you recognize it, let me know! The layout is in the shape of an arrow pointing upward. It's designed to help you find your way--what you should do next.


1. A snapshot of where you are now
2. Your feelings about your future
3. The direction you need to go in
4. Obstacles you might encounter
5. Who you should accept advice from
6. Who you should not accept advice from
7-9. A general assessment of what you should do

Not my best snapshot, but here's a summary of a reading using the mini Rider. 

The person in this spread feels pretty in control of his life at the moment (Emperor) and wants to hang on to that (4 of Coins). Perhaps, though, this person ought to focus less on control and material things, and more on happiness with life and its simple pleasures, particularly of family life (10 of Cups). Of course, he may be faced with temptations of various sorts -- in this case, I'd be inclined to think it's the temptation to work, to keep putting his priorities in a skewed place (Devil). He should take advice from his more impetuous side, his more fun-loving friends (King of Wands), and take less notice of the expectations of external forces, society, work colleagues, etc (World). In general, he should combat his need to be logical about his approach to life, and go more with his feelings (5 of Wands - King of Swords - Queen of Cups). 

If you would like a 'What Should I Do Next' reading, please click on the 'Order a Reading' button above and select the 7-9 card option. Just put 'What should I do next?' in the topic line and you will receive your reading within 48 hours. Hope to hear from you! 

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  1. I like this kind of spread design, where the shape itself reinforces the question and the meaning of the cards :)