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Friday, 27 December 2013

An end of year clear out

I have some decks on offer for sale or trade...

This not the most handsome photo I've ever taken, but the items on offer are:

Silicon Dawn Tarot -- £15 with free shipping within UK
condition excellent, in box with book SOLD

The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards -- £8 with free shipping within UK
Brand new, never used, just looked through

8-Bit Tarot -- £10 with free shipping in UK
Like new condition, never used. This is a self-published deck and I have no idea how widely available it may be now. SOLD

Titania's Star Tarot -- £8 with free shipping in UK
Packaging shows wear, condition used. Cards are in good nick, though.

Nefertari's Tarots -- FREE
This deck was given to me by a good and generous friend. Unfortunately, the gold foil finish flashes in my eyes and gives me a headache. If you like shiny stuff, and you like Egyptian stuff, give this one a try. Spoken for by Delphine S

Radiant Rider, borderless, with custom bag -- £20 with free shipping within UK
Cards in pristine condition, absolutely perfectly trimmed to borderless.
Bag has orange silk lining, decorated outside with vividly coloured owls. Sold to Diane B

Wheel of the Year Tarot -- £9 with free shipping within UK
Deck is trimmed to borderless, with silver embellishments added using silver metallic paint pen. Includes box and LWB.  SOLD

If you would like to buy any of these items, or if you have a tarot or oracle deck to offer me as trade, please leave a comment and/or email me at rowan_tarot@yahoo.co.uk. You can also contact me on Facebook. Please do not send any money via Paypal until sale has been agreed.

Happy shopping!


  1. I will be getting your cards out in the mail for you tomorrow Carla. :) I got my car fixed finally. It was a big ouch to my wallet, but I am happy to not be stuck without it. Blessed Be! - Bridgett

    1. Hi Bridgett, your cards will be posted today.