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Monday, 7 April 2014

A long line of love

I love this 10 of Pentacles! It's so pretty! At the bottom of the card, we see the blooming roses and the living family, and then as you go upward, you see the previous generations, their costumes changing, their 'roses' growing paler and more abstract, flowing back into the cosmos. The spiral in the lower left corner represents, to me, the spiral nature of the passage of time. This 10 of Pentacles more than any I've seen represents its concepts of legacy so well.

Back and back we go, into the past, and while we all have looked at the world so very differently,  ultimately the same basic concerns were there - food, shelter, procreation, staying alive as long as we can. Staying together. We don't have to look backward to be aware of all that has happened before us, we can feel it.

As the song goes, we come from a long line of love.


  1. Speaking of Lo Scarabeo decks, as we were on Monday, the Gay Tarot has a similar "legacy" take on the Ten of Pents :) I really like the addition of the spiral!

    1. I've never actually looked at the Gay Tarot. But I really dislike LS decks, so...probably not for me. I don't even like the way they smell!

    2. I've never noticed their smell, I must say. Yet, overall, I really like LS decks. They shuffle really well, I like the feel of the cards, and there are lots of interesting ones. Ah well, horses for courses :)