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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Happy chappy - 9 of Cups

Robin Wood Tarot
Oh good. It's nice to get a good card, though some people seem to have a negative view of the 9 of Cups. This one is called 'Lord of Material Happiness' by the Golden Dawn. Even Crowley gives in and calls it 'Happiness', and you know how downbeat his card titles can be.

The card suggests a sense of inner fulfillment and quiet joy. It is time in which life can fill you with wonder and delight. The number is 3x3, a powerful number, which hasn't quite reached the tipping point feeling of 10, and so to some, is the number of perfection.

The 9 of Cups is associated by Golden Dawn with Jupiter (a planet of good fortune, abundance, wisdom and expansion) in Pisces (a watery sign which we looked at yesterday - emotional, romantic, imaginative, impressionable, intuitive).

Qualities of Jupiter in Pisces:

spirit of charity
genial and benevolent manner
subtle sense of humour
innately visionary
broad perspective
inclined to mysticism
interested in metaphysical issues
inclined to introspection but tending not to dwell on things too much (Pisces intro vs Jupiter's expansiveness)
can have difficulty keeping grounded
can gets hopes up only to be let down
sometimes inclined to use prayer or faith where action would be a better choice
~Solar Charts

I think all of these would be a good description of the happy chappy in this card. Some people interpret this card to mean smug self-satisfaction, but I don't really go along with that. Numerologically and astrologically, this card just means happiness.

It's okay to be happy sometimes, you know. You don't always have to go searching for the turd in the punch bowl.

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