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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pearl of great price

Spiral Tarot (US Games 1997)
I'm glad I checked the LWB, else I woudn't have realised this girl in Princess of Cups in Spiral Tarot is meant to be a mermaid. 'The pearl in her cup symbolises the seed of imagination and creativity and as the dawning of psychic ability,' it says. I guess since she IS a fish, she doesn't need a fish popping out of the cup, as it does in RWS Page of Cups, which this card is roughly equivalent to.

The card certainly plays up the water element, and the artistic temperament, with the water symbol, the mermaid, the seaweed clothing and the dolphins leaping in the background.

I suppose today will be a dreamy kind of day. That's all right, I like those. :)

I enjoyed reading Uncle Al's interpretation of yesterday's card so much, let's do it again today:

The Princess of Cups represents the earthy part of water; in particular, the faculty of crystallization. She represents the power of water to give substance to ideas, to support life, and to form the basis of chemical combination. 

The character of the Princess of Cups is infinitely gracious. All sweetness, all voluptuousness, gentleness, kindness, and tenderness are in her character. She lives in a world of Romance, in the perpetual dream of rapture. On a superficial examination she might be thought selfish and indolent, but this is quite a false impression; silently and effortlessly, she goes on about her work. ~ Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth

Actually, I quite like that interpretation. It makes sense. I can see it in this card. I'm going with it! Of course, he does have this to say: 'Rarely, at the best, are they of individual importance. As helpmeets, they are unsurpassed.' WHAT! Doesn't that tell you so much about Crowley's personality, though. 'She's a mousy type, of no real importance or significance in her own right, but she's a dandy little helper-outer. Takes orders well.'


I would hope that if I manage to be the Princess of Cups to anyone today, they will value it more than the king of narcissistic personality disorder himself, Mr AC.

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