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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Save now, enjoy later

Robin Wood Tarot 
Looks like a good result from yesterday's efforts at being the Empress!

Today's card from Robin Wood Tarot is 10 of Pentacles, the Lord of Wealth. This is the manifestation, or fruits, of our labours. It's the payoff for all that hard work. In the card we see three generations of a wealthy family, enjoying their lovely home and garden, surrounded by their faithful family pets. What a wonderful reward for the old one, and affirmation for the young adults, as well as promise for the future generations of this family.

Mercury in Virgo, as you can well imagine, enjoys structure and security. It can get nervous and high strung if things seem out of control or not going according to plan, but it doesn't panic - actually is quite good in a crisis, but just prefers stability.If there is a good solid plan and things seem to be going according to it, Mercury in Virgo will chip in with a right good will, which explains how all this wealth and stability has been amassed. A Mercury in Virgo type would have the patience to take a small amount of money and figure out how to turn it into a tidy sum through investment and business ventures.

The card is encouraging me to make positive choices, having done my research. Which is actually particularly timely advice right now, as it's time to select a new cash ISA to transfer my balance into! Well done for the reminder, tarot!


  1. Do you have to change ISA's every year? Just, I'm sure you've written about this before. I guess it's never a bad idea to keep an eye on your investments and opportunities :)

    1. You don't have to but the rate drops. You have to watch it. If I don't switch, my return drops to .5%. If I find another with a switch bonus, I can make more interest. The best interest right now that I've found is 1.54%, but that is still better than .5% and is worth doing.