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Saturday, 26 July 2014

A New Moon Spread for the Leo New Moon

Today is the new moon in Leo, a time of creative beginnings! Here's a spread for you to try today. 

New Moon in Leo Spread, Cosmic Tarot 
The moon is new in Leo (26 July), which corresponds to Strength, and full in Aquarius (10 August), which corresponds to Star.

1. Shuffle the deck and search for the Strength card. This is the new moon. Lay it face up on the table. The card immediately after it is card 1. Lay it down directly beneath (or slightly overlapping the bottom if you prefer) the Strength card. 

Card 1 -  This is a powerful time for new beginnings and creative projects. This card suggests what you might focus on for the current lunation. Ask yourself, what am I most passionate about? What have I always wanted to do? 

2. Shuffle the deck again and search for the Star card. This is the full moon. Lay it face up on the table to the right of Strength, leaving a gap. The card immediately after Star in the deck is card 2. Lay it beneath or overlapping the Star card. When the full moon is in Aquarius, you may feel very social, your intuition kicks into high gear, and it is usually a good time for getting together with like-minded people. 

Card 2 - This card shows the energies of the full moon. It is where you may find yourself by 10 August, the full moon, and it is not only a full moon, it is a super moon. And not only is it a super moon, is the superest super moon of 2014. The moon will not come this close to the earth again until September 2015. A lot can happen in a few weeks, and this is the point at which your efforts for this lunation will be at full pitch. What will that look like? 

3. Now shuffle the deck again and draw. Place the card between cards 1 and 2. 

Card 3 - This is the action or change that may lead you to card 2, or may block you. Or both! 

Sample Layout 
I used the Morgan Greer Tarot and drew the cards with no intention other than to show you this spread. It is not a reading for anyone in particular (though of course as soon as I looked at them I could see how they pertain to me!) 

Quickie interpretation
The Swords show it is a time of thinking and making plans, and the energy with which you should enter into this project is with great gusto and determination. The Leo new moon is all about creative energy, so make sure your plans are from the heart and not from the ego. You should choose to work on things that you really want, not things that you think might hold you in good stead in the eyes of others. This may involve some battles of wits conducted with yourself or others. Stand your ground, or better yet, hack your way through arguments and counterarguments with assurance that you are in the right and acting in your best interest. Take no prisoners!

By the full moon, you should feel more fully in control of your plans and ideas. It's true there may be some water under the bridge by then -- meeting resistance head on as you've done since 26 July will always result in consequences. But you will know that you've done the right thing for yourself and are on the right track. By the full moon, you will see more clearly and dispassionately what needs to be done, and you will be less reluctant to do what needs doing and say what needs saying. New habits are being formed. The full moon in Aquarius is a time of being social and intuitive -- this is tempered somewhat by the Queen of Swords, whose energy is certainly intuitive, but rather than social interactions, you may find yourself more in the role of counsellor. Don't be surprised if people look to your for leadership or advice. And don't hesitate to look to yourself for these things.

The bridge that gets you from new moon to full moon is plain good sense. No matter how passionate you are or how lofty your plans, you should remember to look after yourself physically, get plenty of rest, don't spread yourself too thin, and above all, don't be overambitious with your financial planning and budgeting. Be conservative, remember to protect yourself, and listen to voices that caution you to be avoid financial or health risks. Those arguments and counterarguments you'll be slashing and burning should not involve your money, domestic arrangements or physical well being.

In summary, go for it! Plan big -- challenge your old beliefs and the expectations of those around you. But be sensible, too. There's no point building a 5-year plan around a lottery ticket.

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  1. Tee hee, plain good sense, huh? Ah well, I'm in deep trouble, then :) Seriously, I've been getting a similar message - take a break, don't push too hard or too fast...

    1. How's that working out for you? :)

    2. Weeelll, have to admit I'm not great at reigning in my wands-y side... I'll give myself a B+ for effort :D

    3. Reigning in the wands! LOL Not a problem for me. I'm too busy hiding behind the figure in the 4 of Pentacles. ;)

  2. The first card a pulled was the star card sooo