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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sage of Crystals is talking in my ear this mornin'

Sirian Starseed Tarot 
The Sage of Crystals from Sirian Starseed Tarot makes an appearance this morning. She is beautiful, and her garden is beautiful, and her message is much needed.

As water of earth, the Queen of Pentacles (or 'Sage of Crystals') has a lot to say about our feelings about and sensitivity toward the material world and the physical body. All of the queens can be considered earth mothers, but she is the earthiest of them, a mini-Empress in some ways (although this deck calls the Empress 'Abundance', and in some ways, the description of it in the Sirian Starseed LWB sounds more akin to Queen of Cups than Queen of Pentacles).

The Sage of Crystals asks me to take a loving and compassionate look at all aspects of my life on the physical plane. She asks me to forgive myself for mistakes I may have made, for poor choices or misguided thinking about the material world. But she gently insists the importance of moving myself into a healthier direction.

She asks us:

In what ways have you acted as steward of your body lately? Have you respected, nurtured and loved your body? Have you looked after yourself lately? Have you thanked your body for all it has done for you? Have you dealt compassionately with its flaws, or ways in which it might have (inevitably) let you down? Have you taken the steps you can to preserve and defend your body? Have you eaten well? Have you exercised? Have you given your body a proper amount of rest? Have you moisturised your skin? Have you exfoliated? Have you drunk plenty of water? Have you conditioned your hair, flossed your teeth? Have you had your eyes checked? Have you had your smear test? Your mammogram? Have you been to the dentist? ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF? 

In what ways have you dealt with the reality of your domestic and financial situation? Have you felt gratitude for the things you have? Have you dismissed longing for the things you do not? Have you balanced your check book? Do you know how much money you have in savings? Do you make regular deposits, to the extent that you can, to savings investment? Do you have short term and long term savings goals? When was the last time you did a big clean of the house? Cleaned the refrigerator? Culled your sheets and pillow cases? 

In what ways have you been looking after your personal appearance? When was the last time you culled your old socks and underpants and got rid of the holey or stretched out or washed-to-grey items? Does your closet need a clean? Do you throw on anything? When was the last time you gave some thought to your clothes? Are they comfortable? Do they make you feel happy? The Sage of Crystals isn't asking you to spend too much money or strive to impress, but just to dress in a way that expresses yourself, that feels comfortable to your body and that makes you feel happy. Are you doing those things?

I don't even have time this morning for the Sage of Crystals to start talking to me about work and livelihood -- because I've got to get dressed and go to work! But I think she's had plenty to say to me already.

How about you?

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  1. I happened to come upon an old tarot card in a junk drawer with the Sage of Crystals card staring at me. So, I looked it up and found myself here on this site. Such wisdom. Chance. Listen to chance.
    Susan in Seattle