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Friday, 29 August 2014

A relaxing meditation for you

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle (Baron-Reid, Hay House 2007) contains four types of cards:

Messengers of Avalon (people)
Animal Guides of Avalon (animals)
Guides of Faery (elemental faeries)
Sacred Journey Markers (landscapes associated with abstract concepts)

Today's card is a Sacred Journey Marker, 'Letting Go'. The symbol at the top with two vertical lines and three wavy lines is repeated on the rock in the waterfall scene. If this is a well-known sacred symbol, I am not familiar with it, but it seems to me to be a symbol for waterfalls. What do you think?

The waterfall is actually a very apt symbol for the concept of letting go. The water in its forward momentum shows no resistance at all to the free fall of spilling over the edge. Similarly, we should allow our lives to flow without impediment or fear.

Why not contemplate the image of this card while listening to the sounds of a waterfall. As you meditate and listen, feel the flow of the energy of your life in its forward motion:

Blessed be!


  1. Lovely! :) Though water is the element I connect with least in some ways, I could sit and watch a waterfall, or the sea, for hours!

  2. Me, too. I'm not watery and I don't like to get in the water, but there's something magical about being near water. I think we're genetically disposed to love being near especially running water because it is a healthy place for us to be. It would do the species no good to be frightened off the by sound of running water! So I guess those of us who loved it thrived and passed that on.

    1. That's an interesting thought, all those healthy negative ions attracting us, and we find some other way to rationalise it :)