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Monday, 25 August 2014

New Moon in Virgo - let's get hopping, little froggies!

This week I'll be drawing from a charming oracle deck called Wisdom of Avalon Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid (Hay House 2007). The inspiration for this deck is very clearly Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, though, like many, Baron-Reid says she had an interest in Avalon long before that novel came out. In any case, the ties to Bradley's books are not strong. The deck features animals, human characters, elemental faeries, and  abstractions such as love, trust, protection represented by gentle woodland scenes. The artwork is beautiful, and you don't have to know anything about Avalon or Bradley's books to work out the meaning of the cards.  

Today is a bank holiday Monday, so the Frog is apt for two reasons -- one it will invariably rain today, and two the card is said to mean 'cleaning house, releasing emotional baggage'. That is exactly what we have planned for today! We want to give the flat a good clean and prepare for tonight's new moon. 

The new moon is in Virgo tonight, and that brings with it a powerful energy of definite endings. Diane Booth Gilliam of Yoganonymous says: 

This is absolute energy. Any ending that happens now absolutely is the best thing for you — August 25 is the date you graduate. By that date, you will have done your work, soared to the heights or sunk as low as you can go. And by that date, angry obsessions, passionate grudges, or unstinting labor ends. That’s because Mars and Saturn meet in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. If something has been zapping your energy, this is where you hit the wall and call a halt.  Reach the limit where it becomes impossible to keep wandering down that deep dark hall.
This IS the New Beginning.We rarely talk about how New Moon new beginnings are preceded by an ending, but we gotta let the ending occur. Expect a grieving period. And remember, there is rebirth on the other side. Moments like this are good for us because they allow us to re-focus and re-orient ourselves in a brand new — New Moon — direction.
After the 25th of August, if you’ve been working on something positive, the door swings open. Your project begins to manifest.There is tremendous power in this New Moon in Virgo. But it’s a certain kind of power, much like a guillotine that severs the past from the future.

So tonight is the night for taking leave of what you need to clear away -- something that has been 'zapping your energy', as Diane says. What has been zapping your energy? What project have you been working on, waiting for the manifestation? According to the Virgo new moon, the door is going to swing open to those new opportunities, so in addition to clearing away the old, we also need to be sure that we are open and receptive to the abundance that will result from our hard work. 

I'm ready for some of that. How about you? 

Tonight, make a list (it can be a short list, and probably should be!) of what you absolutely need to do DRAW A LINE UNDER. Then draw a line under it. Then burn the paper and release that into the universe to be dispersed. You've made a vow to yourself that no more of your energy is going to be spent on that thing, whatever it was. Done. Over. Finished. Make brisk hand brushing gestures and say something like, 'Of these habits I now am free, as I have willed so mote it be.' Flick your hands about to shake off those last few bits of residual energy! You can do a total energy shake if you like, which I liken to how a wet dog shakes off his fur. Just sort of start with your arms and give yourself a good old shake-it-off head-to-toe wriggle!  And after that, open your arms to the heavens and open the channels of your heart and say out loud: 'I am completely open and receptive to abundance in my life.' 


  1. Well, you nailed the rain :) And today is definitely an end and a beginning for me. Will try that little ritual ;)

  2. If feel that too an end and a beginning. I think it is an end to worry and the beginning of being fully aware of the Goddess and Heroine within myself, reclaiming and honouring my body! Gives me a wonderful feeling.
    I love the story of Avalon!