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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sage of Flames

Recently in a Facebook group, the question was asked, 'Which tarot card represents your best qualities?' This was a question to which I had no immediate answer. Can I even identify my own best qualities? The things I value most in myself might not be the things that others see as my best qualities, and certainly may not correspond to what the 'Universe' or existence itself might consider my best qualities. So I thought I'd just ask. 'Which card here represents my best qualities?'-- and the question was open, to include anything that might lie dormant or be unacknowledged in myself, to include the most obvious and overt things. I shuffled the Sirian Starseed Tarot, cut, and drew -- the Queen of Wands, or Sage of Flames. This both surprised me and made me laugh ruefully at tarot's humour and insight.

I suppose all the tarot courts, the one I least self-identify as is Queen of Wands. I can't really say the card has been stalking me, but for the last year, whenever I ask a deeply serious question for insight, she has a tendency to turn up. Now that I think of it, my ambivalence toward Queen of Wands may have started a few years ago when I was having problems with a work colleague, and in readings this person kept turning up as Queen of Wands reversed. That might colour anybody's personal association with the cards, because the Queen of Wands reversed is rather a nasty piece of work. (Trust me, I know). Now this is one of the funny things about reading for oneself. when I read for others and the Queen of Wands turns up, I see the full range of meanings and there and can very excitedly tell the client all about how this fiery energy could be put to use in their lives. When she turns up in my own readings, though, it's hard to squelch those previous associations I've developed. This is why it's a good idea to have other people read for you--though I do advocate for using the cards for one's own personal practice, definitely.

Now that I think about it, my excitement interpreting the Queen of Wands for others is itself a Queen of Wands characteristic. James Riklef says in his book 'The Soul's Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot' that the Queen of Wands  means to 'recognize, inspire and support the creative spark in other people's lives...to find opportunities to encourage and motivate other people to do the best they can in any situation.' You know this could easily be my mission statement when it comes to this blog and my tarot business -- I want to spread the message that you can! You can! You can! There's just nothing better than looking into a person's cards and seeing aspects of themselves and their lives that need to be brought to their attention, nurturing the 'a ha' moment.

The Sage of Flames sits in meditation, her arms simultaneously nurturing her own inner fire (root chakra with kundalini rising), her divine inspiration (crown chakra) and holding out the flames of manifestation in her open hands, the palm chakras. (The palm chakras are not talked about much but they are the centres for receiving vibrational energy and for sending out healing). She sits in the lotus posture with her eyes wide open, not looking but in intense drishti, a focused gaze intended to bring about insight. She seems to be sitting in the middle of a kind of cosmic egg. And this card represents my best qualities! I feel quite humbled and grateful to receive this message.


  1. That is a particularly appropriate Queen of Wands for you! And I agree, that Ricklef quote is excellent in describing what you offer :)