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Friday, 22 May 2015

Cleansing ghosts

Shining Tribe 
They emerge, they emerge,
the dark hidden healers, 
power from secrets,
visions from stones. 

Today's draw from Shining Tribe Tarot (Pollack) is a version of 5 of Pentacles. The artwork is based on drawings from the Horseshoe Canyon, Utah. Pollack writes:

'For many people, this card can signify a powerful healing process. Some may look at it literally and believe that actual Spirits have come to aid them in a crisis. Others may see it more as a psychological openness.' 

It is certainly different from the 5 of Pentacles familiar to us from RWS. In fact, I would say it bears little resemblance in interpretation as well. It does have to do with 'money, health problems, or a time when people must struggle to survive'. Of course you don't get that feeling from looking at this image, as you do when viewing the beggars in the snow outside the stained glass window. As with most cards in this deck, you have to read the companion book to figure out what's going on. That's okay! The book is a great read. 

'Meanings: Finding your own values, making discoveries, recognizing your own power. Changing a situation or the way you live because of inner conviction. Internal healing or spiritual realizations.' 

Here's the art Pollack used as inspiration for this card: 

Pollack says she found the pattern on the central figure's chest on a 'quiet road in Rhinebeck New York', and that the images on the rocks below the figures were found on rocks on the same walk. I assume she saw these patterns in the grooves and shadows and natural formations of the rocks, and not as cave art, as she says, 'Images of power do not have to come from recognized sites. When we train ourselves to look, the whole world - including productions of human work - can show us omens and inspiration.' So maybe it was artwork on a sign advertising a daycare center for all we know. :)

I like the interpretation of 'psychological openness' and 'making discoveries and changing a situation.' Those will do nicely today, thank you.


  1. Healing, whatever its source, is always valuable :) And yes, it's a fabulous book! I've been getting into my runes again, which has also sent me back to some really good books :D

    1. I sold my runes. They just never caught my interest, despite my many false starts.