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Saturday, 30 April 2016

A conversation with the cards

Drawing one question at a time.

Why am I so stressed out? 

10 of Wands - You feel overburdened. LOL. Wow, have you got your face in it. 

Yeah, thanks. Okay, why do I feel overburdened? 

6 of Wands - You want to be victorious. 

How is wanting to be victorious making me stressed? (Card jumped from the deck and flew behind the computer) 

Ace of Pentacles - Buying a house isn't a battle. There are no winners and losers. Buying a house is a financial commitment, an investment.

No one's going to buy the best house in the world (in your price range) out from under you and leave you the 'loser'.  Victory is not going to be snatched from you, because there is no 'victory' in buying a house. There is no perfect house. There is no best house. Every house is a compromise, and they're just buildings, after all. Just buildings. 

But it's a building I'm going to live in and pay for.  It feels like a gamble. How can I make this process feel less like a gamble? 

Knight of Wands - Boldly go. Don't shy away from this. But don't give the horse its head. Keep it reined in. There's no need to go off half-cocked or drive yourself over a cliff.

What exactly should I be keeping in check? 

Knight of Pentacles 

But the Knight of Pentacles is a slow mover, why does he need reining in? And if it's not a battle, why do you keep throwing me all these warrior cards?? (angry face)

 Try thinking about who these 'warriors' are instead of that they're fighting. Do you see them fighting in any of these cards?

Moon in Virgo, with Virgo rising, dear. That's you, you know. Knight of Pentacles is your Inner Teacher Card and your Mode of Expression in the World, according to Mary K Greer's book 'Tarot for Yourself' (pages 38-39). Perhaps it's your need to plan for every eventuality that you should keep in check. 

No, I don't think so. I don't want house buying to be some sort of leap of faith. And I don't want fear to be the driver. I don't want to rush. 

'I don't want, I don't want, I don't want.'  It's always 'I don't want' with you. Who told you to rush, anyway? I told you to stop trying to make sure it all goes exactly like you want it to go.

Okay, how should I proceed with this process in order to feel less burdened by it? 

Temperance - Nobody's rushing you. You're doing that to yourself. Nobody's making you buy a house. You decided to do that yourself. And nobody's stressing you out about this. You're doing that to yourself. Back off and find a balance. 

How do I find a balance? And what is it I should be balancing? 

4 of Cups and The Chariot - You didn't need to draw those cards, I already told you how to find a balance in Temperance -- back off.  But okay, find a balance by being more patient. Observe what's on offer and wait until the next opportunity comes along, like little dude there in the card is gazing at the three cups while a fourth appears from the side.  Notice he's not snatching and grabbing at the cups and nobody's trying to wrestle him to the ground for them -- not a battle. And all right, we'll say it again in a different card, you should be balancing your Chariot side, the part of you that is wanting to force this to happen and to control every aspect of it. 

So what is the most nurturing and balancing thing I can do for myself today? 

I already gave you my advice with Temperance. I suggest you go back and meditate on that card. But if you insist okay, 9 of Cups. Try just being happy about something today. In fact, try being happy about everything today.  Don't think about any of it. 


  1. Haha! But like our conversation last night. Only, more attitude! ��

  2. A great way to dive deep into the matter and to really find out what is troubling you and also how to proceed in the future. In my point a view the best deck to have such a crystal clear and candid conversation with. :)

    1. Yes, for this sort of dialogue, I find RWS just the thing. :)

  3. Ha ha, yes, if you will keep asking the same questions in different words, you'll get the same answers in different cards :D

    1. Sometimes you think you're asking different questions or delving deeper, but the cards just keep saying the same thing. They don't mind repeating themselves. (Though they can get snarky about it.)