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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Playing Card Week Day 3: Financial adviser

Tell me about this mortgage adviser we're seeing tonight. Is he the right man for us?

Two red, one black: Yes

Red, black, red: A problem is overcome

Diamond, Spade, Diamond: A financial problem is solved

5 of Diamonds - financial health, 7 of Spades - troubles, 8 of Diamonds - Thoughts and ideas about finances

Yes, he is the right man for us. He can help us through the process of getting a mortgage and sorting thing out. Any problems or confusion we have about what size mortgage we can cover or what lending product to select, he will have the knowledge and ideas to help us.

Well, that's reassuring! (Though there's nothing to say this wouldn't apply to any financial adviser, as I didn't ask for a comparison between two. But at least it looks like this guy would do his job. :) )


  1. Well, so long as the cards are favourable for several, you can then pick based on price or other preference :)

  2. He did his job, but he tried harder to sell us life insurance than get us a mortgage. Won't be going back to him!

    1. Well, hopefully you'll never need another mortgage! :D

    2. Of course I'll need another mortgage, this one's up after 5 years. Most of us mere mortals tend to change every few years chasing the lowest interest rate. :)

    3. Admittedly, I haven't gotten one recently, but back in the day, most people got a mortgage for 'life', and then swapped later if they really wanted :D Maybe I'm just old fashioned :)