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Monday, 25 April 2016

Playing Cards Week Day 1: Red to Black

This week I'm doing daily three card draws with playing cards. I'll be using the White Knuckle Playing Cards (seaofpain.com).

Playing cards are best for traditional cartomancy or as some like to say, 'full on fortune telling'. There's no reading without a question, and the more specific the better. So let's just get to brass tacks and ask a question:

What is the most important thing I can do today to set myself up for a productive and enjoyable week? 

The colours move from red to black -- red, red, black. Good, good, bad. A problem is brewing. It is an emotional time, leading toward the beginnings of an illness. I do think I'm coming down with something. If I'm not careful, I could become dehydrated. (Hearts are cups and 7 and 9 both point to blockages because of the extra pip filling in the gap between the two columns of figures).

Based on this card I'm not sure it will be an enjoyable week, but the least I can do is drink plenty of liquids. I just so happen to be having a fasting blood test tomorrow as well, and the reading seems to point toward preparing for that. Must not forget and get up and eat breakfast tomorrow!

(For notes on playing cards, see 'Playing Card Mnemonic'.)


  1. 7 & 9 of hearts - high hopes & a wish / ace clubs - invitation. :) Good luck.

    1. Oh that's a happier reading. I still have a sore throat, but I did see that one house that we're viewing Friday. That's sort of an invitation. ha.