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Thursday, 14 April 2016

What can you tell me about these properties, Lennie?

Yesterday I sent out enquiries about four local houses that we'd like to view. I thought I would draw a line of 5 for each one just to see what turns up. (ETA: I consulted with a native of this town about these streets and added notes below).

TR house 1

The garden may be noisy and moving to that location could cause erosion of domestic peace. Maybe people move in and out of that area a lot... Stork in the middle.

(This house backs onto a school playing field and is in a small run of 5 or 6 terraced houses. There's some sort of industrial estate very close by. To be honest, this one is my favourite interior and garden. I like it a lot.)

ETA: Spoke to a native of this town and she advised this street is okay.

MR house 2

This house may require consistent financial investment (probably little repairs), but  would appear to be the most appealing to the Hubster, and the money would pay off in the long run (Fish+Sun+Rider). The Sun in the middle looks good. 

(This house is on the street where we currently live and it is a relatively quiet road with a more salubrious estate across the street (we live in a flat in this newer estate, but the houses are out of our price range, really, so having a house near that has the advantages of location but with a price we can afford would be a good thing.) )

ETA: Advised this area is okay, but she was reluctant to say she would live here. LOL

MCR house 3

Okay, the street is busy and parking may be an issue;  relocating there (Stork) may cause stress or upsets (Birds) related to this. Mountain in the middle looks like 'blockages' would be a main theme. 

(This house is near a lovely church and a conservation area of quite nice houses is just over the road, but it is a very wide, busy street.)

ETA: She advised there is a psychiatric hospital nearby, not sure what bearing that has. 

SR house 4 

Danger of niggling troubles from insurmountable small things (Child + Mountain) -- possibly boundary disputes! Something to do with the back garden fencing most likely, and children getting on my nerves.  That Scythe in the middle spells trouble.

(This is a rather bland house and the back garden has low walls and is completely overlooked. But I really don't know anything about the street or neighbourhood.)

ETA: This house is out -- it is very near a troubled area of town that has one of the highest rates of deprivation in the UK. I didn't realise it was so near that area!


  1. I like the way you read Lenormand. Hope you find something you like, and can get without issue. My thoughts are with you.

    1. MR house is sold already and TR house begins viewing on Monday!

  2. Dear me, the SR house did garner a lot of "difficult" cards! Interesting that the Mice came up in three of the four readings... could there be something more generally undermining your house search?

    1. I think there are going to be niggles in any house purchase. So I wasn't surprised at the mice. I'd have been more suspicious if any of them looked too good to be true!