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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

7 of Wands - standing tall amidst the troubles

Camoin-Jodorowsky Tarot 
I'm totally being stalked lately! Now 7 of Wands is back.

Troubled actions. Headaches and heartaches with work, callings and plans.

Yoav Ben-Dov calls the card 'Struggle'. Other key words are challenge, opposition, competition, rivalry. Some readers take this a step further and start to interpret this as advice for overcoming trouble: taking a stand, standing up for what you believe in, putting up a fight, standing your ground, perseverance, gritty determination. Those are all well and good, but the card just shows 'struggle'. All the rest of it comes by association.

This is why it's useful (necessary) to draw more than one card for a meaningful reading. Even one major can't give you more than a perfunctory answer. But as a daily draw is really just a 'tone of the day' or 'what energies are present' sort of thing, it will do. (Of course, I also think if you don't have a question, there's no reading, either. My daily draws are for observation or to kickstart some introspection or just do some rambling about the card itself...not really 'readings'.)

To be honest, there's struggle everywhere I look lately. I'm not surprised this card turns up. It doesn't even have to be something specifically to do with me, just the feeling of 'struggle' present all around me. I see it on the news, I see it in my workplace, it's everywhere. But when you come right down to it, life is just a struggle, isn't it? It can't be 9 of Cups every day. 7 of Wands or 10 of Swords, a day will come to an end and we'll have survived it. That's the important thing. We can observe struggles going on all around us without engaging. We can even observe our own inner struggles with some measure of detachment, though that is a conscious choice and not easy to sustain without practice.

Let the others become enmeshed in troubles if they want. We will stand tall amongst them, not apart from them obviously, but not truly involved. That's not overcoming it or fighting it. That's being present in it. It's often the best (and only) option.


  1. I disagree, using only 1 card can give a good answer, and challenges the reader to extract every last bit of information; of course, it's better with a specific question :)

    1. That's fine. Tarot de Marseille is almost never read one card at a time, though, and that is the focus of my blog lately. :)

  2. Yes to struggle everywhere, inner and outer. Your recipe for staying detached sounds like a good one. Now, I'm off to try to get some clarity on my own inner struggles... :)