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Monday, 11 July 2016

A week in the cards

White Knuckle Playing Cards, SeaOfPain.com 
Good week ahead, lots of red, that's what we like! Shame about that 5 of Spades at the end, I wonder how I'll be feeling by the end of the week. (Most of the cards appear to be reversed, so I must have had the deck upside down. I am disregarding that aspect). I know a row of red cards that ends in a spade denotes delays. Something is going to stall out by Friday. 7 of Diamonds may mean a 'troubled purse'. 5 has to do with health and the body...I should be on the lookout for trouble brewing, possibly having to do with finances as it affects my relationships and/or emotions. I have a feeling this has to do with a certain political party I've joined and paid fees for. I think I may be excluded from the party because of affiliation with another party -- and it doesn't look they'll refund fees taken. Could also be pointing to a pattern of conflict about money in another area that's been happening lately. One I have no control over, but the other I can watch for signs and make an effort not to fall into the same pattern.

I intend to post thoughts each morning, then return with an update in the evening, then look at the spread in retrospect on Friday evening.

Monday  - 3 of Hearts
AM - Today's card is 3 of Hearts, which is rather like tarot 3 of Cups. Today I will work on being a good friend and watch out for how friendship unfolds around me.

PM - Evening update, I didn't notice 'friendship unfolding around me', but I did have some concerns about something at work and a few people were supportive. That's not exactly a party, but I'll take it.

Tuesday - Queen of Hearts
AM - This morning we have Queen of Hearts. Compassion. Will I be filled with love and compassion today? Or will I be in need of compassion? Maybe both?

PM - Completely unexpected outcome, but very Queen of Hearts. I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by all the trouble going on in the world lately, and a friend suggested I try these out Free Empath Survival Programme but by that time it was 2.15 in the morning, so I'll have to try them on Wednesday.

Wednesday - 7 of Diamonds 
AM - Troubled purse. Great. I'm hoping this is just a reference to needing pocket change for the bus today. I'll check my wallet and go to the cash point on my way out.

PM - Nothing to do with my money happened yesterday -- unless it was my visit to the house where I talked to the vendors. There's always the chance the impression was made that I want to pay through the nose for it, which might trouble my purse when my mortgage advisor tries to get the price down a bit.

Thursday - 5 of Diamonds 
AM - Financial health. Greater stability is sought in finances. Hm.

PM - We got the damp report. We spent a lot of time discussing money. We were definitely discussing financial stability.

Friday - 5 of Spades 
AM - Oppositions and obstacles that are temporary.  Sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person (Cafe Astrology). Be wary of those that might make trouble for you. Do not get drawn into unnecessary disputes and arguments (Aquarian Insight). Reverses and anxieties, but eventual success (Cartomancy 101). Being at the threshold of a project; money anxiety; success in business or love after lots of hard work (Meanings of Playing Cards). Okay, so things with the house may look shaky, but with determination we will work them out.

PM - Mortgage adviser offers less to estate agent. Now we have to wait until Monday (next business day) to hear vendor's response.


  1. I like how you're structuring this post, will look forward to reading the updates. Queen of Cups today... :)

  2. It has been my experience that the 7 of diamonds represents a partnership of some kind... the mortgage discussion could be considered a business partnership.