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Monday, 4 July 2016

I've got mail - Temperance Stalker Letter

A letter from my recent stalker, Temperance. Two cards from yesterday's draw returned: Queen of Wands and Strength!
LoScarabeo TdM mini

Dear Carla, 

When I show up in your readings, I'm giving you a message about regulation. You need to regulate yourself, but not in the way you seem to believe. You need to get your thoughts and actions in order. You're being controlled by them. 

I'm showing you that you are wearing thin under the strain. What I want you to do is to dream. And by that I don't mean listing goals you'd like to achieve, or creating a life 'mission statement', I mean literally dream. The kind you do when you're asleep. How long has it been since you paid attention to your dreams? Since you recorded them in your dream journal? How long has it been since you truly valued the landscape of your dreams? You worry about sleep, but do you value what happens there? 

When I appear, I am asking you to release 'taking control' of yourself. You don't need more discipline. You need the opposite. I want you to embrace pure flow from source. You're an Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and Aquarius is ruled by the Star. Why does the Star never turn up in your readings? I want you to embrace the Star. She's my sister, people say we look alike. She's a bit more laid back than me... Maybe I'm as close as you can get to her for now, but she's the real you. Camelia Elias says of her:  'No measuring is necessary here. Just sheer flow. She needs no rules or constraints dictating her actions. She prefers to navigate through life trusting nature and the universe. Such faith she must have!' I want you to release your attempts to seize control in overt ways. I want you to embrace the dreamscape and trust the flow. 

When you see me, it's time to drink from the cup of your rich, inner world, of which you are Queen Carla, the First of Her Name.

Now go get a literal drink of water and take an actual nap. I mean it! When you wake up, how about a little meditation? See below. 




  1. Lol! Your stalker letters are always so much fun, as well as being profound. Now to see whether you can take your own advice... :)

    1. I usually do for a day or two and then I forget. :)

    2. So, maybe rather than re-reading posts from 2 years ago, you could do a weekly/fortnightly revisit... ;)