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Monday, 18 July 2016

Lead with the heart

Jean Noblet Tarot, Flornoy 2014
Yesterday I drew Knight of Cups from Dodal Tarot in answer to what I need to do for my security. I interpreted it as 'go with your gut feeling.' What could it mean for me today?

The Noblet LWB suggests that Cups represent 'priests and healers', and that 'with maturity', the individual 'will fly on his own and take responsibilities, become the horseman in the phrase: "to have in order to act". The Knight of Cups, then, has attained enough skill in healing and spirituality to act independently of others. His training wheels are off, so to speak.

I wonder what's going to happen today that I will need to have my emotional training wheels off for. Whatever it is, I should lead with my heart instead of overthinking it.

If we look at the card literally...a horse is fast, and the figure on it holds out a cup. Maybe it will be a fast-paced day in which I need to remember to drink plenty of liquids. :)

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