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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel

CBD Tarot, Ben-Dov 2011
Hm, lots of wheels this week, CBD Tarot turns up the 2 of Coins, following on from yesterday's Wheel of Fortune.

Ben-Dov says:

Duality. Two options or two elements. Collaborating while keeping distance. A winding road, advancing in complex ways. Recognition and acknowledgement.

Yesterday I was miffed at my mortgage adviser for sending me a condescending email reply to my asking him to explain why he'd selected a particular insurance provider instead of some of the ones with better reviews on Which? It was uncalled for, to say the least, but I have merely asked again for more information about the product he's chosen. If he remains unwilling to explain himself, I will have to assume his main motivation is lining his pockets with my commission and not helping me understand why I should buy his product,  and I'll just have to select my own cover as most people do -- on the internet. But the Wheel will come back up in my favour again, and it might be that doing my own insurance actually is in my favour.

Some 2 of Coins affirmations:

"I celebrate my growth and power." Angel Paths

"Every problem is just an opportunity waiting for someone." Key-Hypnosis

"I flourish in the tide of change." Machelle Earley

"Act happy." James Ricklef

Those are all very interesting takes on a card that shows balance, movement and exchange in the realm of money, security and the material world.

(Title reference: Windmills of Your Mind song lyric)

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, haven't listened to the Windmills of Your Mind for a long time! Good luck with the insurance, with or without the mortgage adviser :)